Monday, October 10

i'm a 29 year old unemployed superhero

September 29
Front Yard
The first sign of my birthday. A giant package was sitting outside the front door. First, this made me think, I miss working at S&S where I could send packages easy peasy. Second, I opened it and a great day had begun. My friend Julia sent me this sign and said now I have everything I need to open my own bakery. And that's all I could dream about for the rest of the day.

September 30
Adam's Place and Surrounding Environs
A friend of mine was helping out a friend of hers by participating in a photo shoot for his AVAdventure promotion posters. I love dressing up and don't think there are enough opportunities for this. Especially when one of the required costumes is "homemade superhero". Yes, Please. I am on this poster and it thrills me.

October 1
There are so many fantastic things about the State Fair (click that). I don't think I had been to a state fair since high school and then it was just for the *awesome* concerts at night. It is so much better than that. Like all the amazing arranged photo opportunities.

October 2
Richmond Skateland
Instead of going to see a movie we went to see roller derby. Because why not, it's your birthday and you've always been curious. One girl had pumpkin underwear on the outside of her spandex.

October 3
Office Couch
Andy made sure Z could rest warmly.

October 4
I haven't really said this yet, but I'm basically unemployed these days. I still have three jobs, but they all seem to be on hold right now. It kind of stinks except that it allows me the time to be a stay at home mom with no kids. So, this is my mid-yardwork boot. What a shame. Granted, I have had these since 2000 when I did a backpacking trip in Colorado with YoungLife.

This is my post-yardwork hair. I did find small twigs in it later.

October 5
Dining Room
Elisabeth gave us a garbage bag full of basil from their garden at the river. I guess we will be making some pesto!

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