Thursday, September 29

It's not pie at all!

September 22
Scuba Center Floor
You can barely see the giant cricket that is on the corner of my bag in this photo, but I swear it is there. The Post-Its and pens are my attempt to dislodge it. I hit him several times but instead of jumping out, he went farther in. Finally Ed came to my rescue and got him out.

September 23
Hanover and Shields
I discovered that Abby lives on the same block as this. After our great beer-drinking brainstorm I took its picture on the way back to my car. (I'm not proud when these are the kinds of pictures I have to show for my day.
So lame, I know.)

September 24
The Cellar Door
A really great double date night dinner at this below street level restaurant.

September 25
Dining Room
Showing off my newest apron, thanks to Mom. Now I can bake AND look like a cat!

September 26
The baking I did in said apron. Who knew Boston Cream Pie is not a pie at all?! I sure didn't!

September 27
Front Porch
This brief, but really heavy thunderstorm made our power go out. But only for a few hours this time.
Thank the goodness.

September 28
Office Couch
I was way intimidated by cable knitting, but turns out it's not so bad at all! Here's my little sample of it
in my Scarf O' Scraps.

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