Thursday, September 22

Eddie's meatballs

September 12
Living Room Floor
Supplies for Kristin's wedding. Her mom likes to call it "rustic," but I don't think there is much more charming than flowers in mason jars.

September 13
Lewis Ginter
I hardly ever know what I'm looking at at the garden even when there is a name tag right next to it, let alone when there's not. If you ask me what it is, I'll say pretty.

September 14
Dining Room Table
I guess this is September's pie although I didn't let Andy choose the flavor. I just told him I was going to make an apple pie. In a cream cheese crust. I'm going to go ahead and say it was really good.

September 15
Nate's Kitchen Counter
Potluck theme: Mexican You Haven't Made Before. Nate's contribution: Churros.

September 16
Lake Rawlings
There were a lot of firsts for this day. First time diving in the Virginia-famed quarry. First time real diving with Andy (the pool didn't count). First time diving with Elisabeth. First time eating a pumpkin donut from Dunkin' Donuts on the way home.

September 17
Sister's Kitchen
Surprise (not to me but to you)! My parent's are in town. This is my dad heading up the cooking in his special uniform. He's making spaghetti and meatballs, one of his specialties. But what makes him really special is that he made three separate sauces: one with beef meatballs for normal eaters, one with turkey meatballs for Sister eaters, and one with no meatballs for me eaters.

September 18
Look at the date. Look at what I show you. Too soon!

September 19, Part I
Lewis Ginter
Mom, Elisabeth, and I went to the garden for a morning stroll. We found these incredible red-barked trees hidden on the path.

September 20
Front Yard
New Roof Tuesday!

September 21
Antique Store
This kitty ran away from me, but stopped under all the metal furniture.

I like to give you the option of looking at more photos if you'd like because often there is much more going on. Well, when I'm not being boring. So if you please, here are the more.

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