Monday, September 7

roadside picnic

August 1
Nothing like getting ready for a wedding and realizing you haven't had your hair cut in 1.5 years and you haven't gotten new clothes or shoes in just as long. Oh, and you don't iron. Classy date. Re-wearing our wedding outfits.

August 2
Bryan Park
We took a way-too-hot quick trip to the park. At least Leena and I had the swings to ourselves.

August 3
That's the face of a shockingly cold popsicle. Didn't take her long to get over it though.

August 4
Cat practice. Her head might fit through the hole, but I'm not sure much else would.

August 5
Tile Store
Gathering supplies for the bathroom renovation. The end is in sight. For real this time.

August 6
Maryland House
Roadside picnic on our way to Brooklyn. My little passenger did way better than I expected.

August 7
Coney Island
I can't help but love this place. And Leena had her first photo booth experience! I think she got the hang of it by the last one.


August 8
Governor's Island
Nothing beats hanging out with some of your oldest friends. Add a ferry ride, neat things to look at, delicious food truck food, and you've got a pretty awesome day under your belt.

August 9
The New Whitney Museum
Getting some culture and a break from that culture. Jeta and Leena, too cute.

August 10
Truck bed
This kid is happy to see her dad and to be back in her Lakeside playpen.

August 11
Cousins watching the bunnies in the yard.

August 12
Deluca Gelato
Giving Leena a taste of delicious gelato to celebrate 9 months! She would've eaten an entire cone herself if we allowed it.

August 13
And getting our photo a day late, of course. No more laying down and being still for more than one second.

August 14
Watching Nick work. She did not learn that from me, for the record.

August 15
Front Yard
One way to get some yard work done. It didn't last long, but it was good while it did.

August 16
Andy gave Leena a chicken bone and she LOVED it. Didn't give it up until it was picked clean and sucked dry.

August 17
Kiki secured some new toys from Adah. The farm one where the rooster cockadoodles on repeat is a favorite. Great.

August 18
Boring. But Andy is trying to sell this trailer so he took a picture of it.

August 19
Living Room
Double Leena! Because one isn't cute enough. (She likes to sharpen her two tiny teeth on the glass table top.)

August 20
Practicing her art with Kiki. And by art, I mean standing up at the easel.

August 21
Leena is playing in the sunspot in her Singapore outfit she got from Bunker for Christmas.

August 22
Starting a new knitting project, but I have to wait for the rest of my yarn to come in. Every kid needs a rainbow snake!

August 23
Crump Park
Found the playground this time. Turns out they aren't trying to hide it from users, we are just bozos.

August 24
Cyborg Room
Put a bottle in this kids mouth, give her a lounge pillow, and we're set.

August 25
We had to get Leena out of the stroller so she wouldn't fall asleep two minutes from home just before bedtime.

August 26
Even my Leena-free days are occupied by Leena. At least she will continue to be well fed for another month or so.

August 27
She climbed straight from the bed to the drawer and made herself comfortable.

August 28
Front Yard
Demo in the bathroom reached a new level today. Making sure people don't expect too much from us Lakesiders.

August 29
Andy knocked the rest of the wall out and got the rest of the floor up. Now we are pretty ready for the rebuild part!

August 30
The Boat
Loving her boat ride with Ducky. The best part was Leena getting used to the wind blowing in her face and taking her breath away for a second.

August 31
The River
So glad Leena loves the water as much as she does.

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