Wednesday, October 14

then this bacon

September 1
Living Room
Shoes are becoming a regular part of Leena's wardrobe now. In the beginning they also provided about fifteen minutes of entertainment trying to figure out where her feet went.

September 2
Roof Space
An unfortunate discovery of incorrect stovepipe installation (four years ago) led to a several week delay in bathroom renovations and pain in the butt phone calls/resolutions/who pays for this mistake? (All is resolved and we can safely burn wood when the time comes. Phew.)

September 3
Living Room
"The sun is shining!" How quickly you memorize the jingles and sayings of talking toys.

September 4
 The Sawyer's House
Our old neighbors had us over to their new house in Ashland for dinner! Lovely meal, lovely company, lovely front porch swing.

September 5
How we decide what to baby proof. Cabinet with dish detergent, yes.

September 6
When Leena is older and she sees The Shining this photo will probably give her nightmares.

September 7
ARC Park
Checking out the new park in Richmond! My favorite thing so far (not pictured): composite mulch that is glued together so Leena can't eat it!

September 8
Cyborg Room
Playing with Gramps on the floor.

September 9
Watching the butterflies with Gramps and Pinkie. (I really like this photo, btw.)

September 10
Workin' the NASCAR race...

September 11
Bott's House
As close to running a marathon as I'll ever get: Babysitting while Miriam trains.

September 12
Look who's ten months! Happiest baby on the block!

September 13
Front Porch
Fall decorations. I appreciate nature making the effort that I will not be making.

September 14
I think it's safe to say Leena is entering the exploration/nothing is off limits stage. At this point she would only climb a few stairs. Now she will quickly and confidently go all the way to the top.

September 15
ARC Park
Swinging with Hazel!

September 16
Training day at work (for the fire department, not Whole Foods.)

September 17
Playing peek-a-boo with Dad under the door. I love having a playful husband and an easily entertained child.

September 18
Many mornings result in bringing Leena into bed when she wakes up because it's early and we are the adults and we aren't ready to get up. Sometimes she will lay down for a little while longer, sometimes she's ready to play.

September 19
Back on September 13 Andy did the 9/11 memorial stair climb. Each participant climbs for a specific rescue worker who lost their life. Thank you to Firefighter McShane and all the others who gave their all that day.

September 20
UCI Road World Championship, Men's Team Time Trial. Andy got stuck working out in the corn fields even though the race practically went through our backyard. Front row viewing though!

September 21
Whitten's House
Had breakfast with Paige and Whit on our way out to go apple picking (which got rain delayed) and threw Leena in the air for some photos.

September 22
Kuba Kuba
Wedding anniversary (three years!) dinner out with Uncle John and Duane while Andy saves lives at the firehouse. It's a good reminder of how important family and friends are in helping a relationship grow and work. So grateful for everyone in our lives who have been with us these past three years and more.

September 23
Carter Mountain
Apple picking re-do! Leena's first of our annual tradition with the Bott's. She's got her hands on a good one!

Contemplating how to take a bite...

September 24
Leena had some salmon frittata leftovers for dinner. I would not recommend feeding this to your child if you are on diaper duty the next day. Holy cow.

September 25
Mechanicsville Toyota

September 26
New York Deli
Lunching with Uncle John before bike race watching. First she enjoyed an entire pickle, then this bacon. Dad would be proud.

September 27
Government Street
Last day of the UCI races. Watching the men's teams climb the final hill.

September 28
Getting ready to go to Little Rock. Packing now requires a detailed checklist and an entire  bed for staging.

September 29
Southwest Airplane, BWI
Leena's first plane trip definitely warrants another family selfie. (She did great, fyi.)

September 30
Kiki's Porch
Little Rock

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