Wednesday, August 19

get fresh with the goat

July 1
Though it's been slow to produce and critters keep eating our bounty, we are finally able to pick some veggies and put them on our own table.

July 2
Living Room
This kid will put ANYTHING in her mouth. We think she got the idea for the doorstop from the cat.

July 3
Schemmel House
Adah's third birthday with her cousins!

July 4
Station 7
Team America's Captain.

July 5
Family walk to the Redbox. Cutest little backpack rider around.

July 6
Walked around Maymont with Dad and Leena. She tried to get fresh with the goat.

July 7
Cyborg Room
Adah wanted to put on tattoos so obviously we let Leena participate. She chose the locations. She also approved us taking this picture and putting it on the blog.

July 8
Living Room
This is an example of self control and not knocking down the tower. Or just complete disinterest.

July 9
Lewis Ginter
Dinosaur hunt in the sand box.

July 10
She's always happy to eat real food, too. Not just doorstops, cat hair, paper towels, etc.

July 11
Flores House
Andy and Leena went up to Nova to visit Jojo and Stacey for the day. Leena warmed Hattie's crib up for her.

July 12
That's what an 8-month-old baby looks like!

July 13
Trying to sneak up on that cat. Except the cat is fully aware.

July 14
Made some flower cakes at work. Not perfect, but pretty pleased for my first go!

July 15
Station 7
Andy likes messing with his color splash app. And, you have to admit, firetrucks make pretty cool photo subjects.

July 16
Such a happy girl. She loves a good swing.

July 17
Walks around the neighborhood are going to get real pretty soon I think.

July 18
Cyborg Room
Evening view.

July 19
Bedroom Window
Andy was eating trail mix in bed and put the white chocolate bits in the window sill. This is what we woke up to the next morning!

July 20
Serious business.

July 21
See all these beautiful, big tomatoes almost ready to turn red and be ready to eat? Squirrels, dang squirrels, got to them first. We still have yet to harvest a tomato because they disappear before they turn red.

July 22
Swim day with the Bott's! Which means Dads and kids play in the water and Miriam and I get to relax on the side.

July 23
End of day panic photo. I guess it will be good to remember my Andy's working nightly routine someday.

July 24
We found more bees in the cabinet Andy built. Pretty neat when you can get up close and not worry about a sting. (Though I don't even know if these big guys sting...)

July 25
Leena's Room
Andy sent me a photo of this illustration he would like to get a tattoo of. Seems about right.

July 26
Peterson-Hamel House
We thought we were saying our final goodbye's to Sam and Meg but turns out we saw them several more times before they jumped ship and moved to California.

July 27
Lewis Ginter
Went to see the butterflies with Leah. They had all these different chrysalis's on display.

July 28
Another end of the day panic shot when Andy was not working. He reads about building something and I promptly go to sleep.

July 29
Testing out baby food recipes for The Bea's Knees! I'm not sure Leena makes the best test subject since she'll eat anything, but makes me feel good about it.

July 30
Early morning drive to work means getting to see the full moon.

July 31
Bott House
Judy Garland (I think I remember that correctly) as a cat movie night. Leena is more entertained by her big friends. (Also, her legs look so short!)

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