Monday, July 20

daily swims in the ocean

June 1
Front Porch
Watching the rain with our feet up.

June 2
Little naked Bea squirming around after bath time.

June 3
Lark House
The potlucks aren't happening as regularly anymore, but when they do, they are full of great food and great company.

June 4
Getting pretty good at this whole eating thing. (If getting the spoon in the right hole isn't an indication, just check out my wrist rings...)

June 5
A couple pear bourbon tarts for Rickfest 2015!

June 6
Rick's Dock
Training Leena to be an expert relaxer. She's already reaching for the beer so I think we're doing pretty good.

June 7
Bob's Boat
First boat ride of life. She loved it so much she slept through most of it.

June 8
Otter Cove
These two buddies.

June 9
Lewis Ginter
Just hanging out at our weekly (sometimes more like daily) haunt.

June 10
Living Room
Got my markers down so I could color some pictures in my adult (not adult themed) coloring books!

June 11
Living Room
We went across the street and stole Kiki's ball. And then a dog ate it.

June 12
Tiny dice (Andy's ring for scale) from the travel backgammon game that was Andy's grandfather's.

June 13
We are always a day late with these. I'm going to start thinking she was born on November 13th instead of 12th. Those little back rolls are just getting better and better with age. 

June 14
Cronk House
Leena is up late for her first surprise party! Celebrating Laura's big 3-0 with a million cats and Paul Rudd.

June 15
These are the days when I wake up and Andy says, "You're more beautiful than the day I married you." (Rollers, like my favorite night shirt?)

June 16
Finally ready to hang our Christmas present! Photograph by Matt Cowan, frame by Andy. Our living room looks complete now.

June 17
Otter Cove
Andy and Leena went to the river for the day to hang with Andy's sister and her kids in town from Maine. Leena, the water bug, loved it! (Actually, I think this is from the 14th. Whatever.)

June 18
Shrader Lanes
Part II of our Christmas present from Bob and Elisabeth: Family bowling in our bowling team shirts. I'm pretty sure The Proliferators (with their good-luck charm, The Fruition) won.

June 19
Some town, South Carolina
She watches the food like a hawk until you finally give in and let her have some.

And then when bean gets on her face we form it into a mole and pretend she is the evil frog, Constantine.

June 20
Dauphin Island, AL
Klein House
Meeting Cousin-Aunts, Cousin-Uncles, and Cousin-Cousin Harper for the first time. (Also, we survived a two-day drive from VA to AL and Leena did great.)

June 21
Dauphin Island, AL
Beck House
Leena getting a good look at her Great Grandma Kelly for the first time.

June 22
Dauphin Island, AL
O'Connor House
This week was pretty much a meet-and-greet for Leena. Here she is with her younger Cousin-Cousin, Lane.

June 23
Dauphin Island, AL
Don't mind the gobs of sunscreen on my head. I sure don't.

June 24
Dauphin Island, AL
The annual Kelly Family Olympics, Limbo competition. This barely shows the breadth of it, but about sixty family members converged this year for what we thought was our 25th year, but turned out to be the 29th!

June 25
Dauphin Island, AL
Going for our daily swim in the ocean.

June 26
Dauphin Island, AL
You can't go to the beach without Leena and her bumbo. (I love those little swimsuit straps!)

The complete Dauphin Island 2015 album. If you care.

June 27
Georgiana, AL
On the road again. We were looking for a gas station and came upon Hank Williams' boyhood home. Really he only lived there from ages 7-11, but whatever works. We paid the five bucks to look around because you can't call it a road trip without at least one random stop.

June 28
Atlanta, GA
Georgia Aquarium
My first whale shark sighting. (Definitely not going to be my last though.) We spent the day at the aquarium and these giant ladies and gents were as magnificent as expected.

June 29
Front Porch
We made it home! And after all those hours in the car we can still appreciate her cute little tushy!

June 30
Our serious eater.

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  1. That picture of her with Grandma Kelly is too precious. She is a doll!