Wednesday, June 10

i'm still flattered

May 1
Living Room
I'm always jealous when Leena is playing with her toes because I'm so stiff I can't even touch mine anymore.

May 2
Living Room
Sailor Leena's all ready for her weekend at the river with Bunker and Ducky so Andy and I can have a little baby-free time!

May 3
Spy Rock
We spent the day/night in the Charlottesville area and had a nice hike with beautiful views, dinner and Ryan Adams with old college friends we haven't seen in years, and uninterrupted sleep.

May 4
Sunroom/Dining Room
The last of the weekend adventures: Leena trying solids for the first time. Not a huge fan of the quinoa cereal on the first go round.

May 5
Cyborg Room
Andy loved the Yoda ears from May the 4th so much that he made Leena wear them the next day too.

May 6
Back Patio
Probably Andy's favorite dessert: gelato and vanilla wafers.

May 7
Living Room
I got this picture text while I was at work. Andy's been anointed.

May 8
Front Porch
Trying out the front-facing Bjorn. Definitely LB's preference, but not so much my shoulders' preference.

May 9
Molly and I cranked out 370 Oscar men cookies.

May 10
Then we iced them and turned them into statues.

May 11
Andy really wanted to put Leena in the hammock bag...

And more cookie progress just because it looks like an army is marching in.

May 12
Six months, holy cow!

May 13
My sister and I both had our cars packed to the brim with boxes of statues.
 I told my men they better stay strong for the journey. They did! 

May 14
I iced this giant cake. Still a little impressed with myself when I do something like this and it turns out because my cake decorating skills need quite a bit of honing yet.

May 15
Otter Cover
Leena got straight to work (after her poop explosion bath) helping Bunker and Ducky assemble the grill.

May 16
Afternoon water gazing in pants that are definitely too small now.

May 17
Leena doesn't care who you are, she's going to pull your hair.

May 18
Buttermilk Trail
A little day hike before the rain turned us around.

May 19
Living Room
Kiki's back! And I just peed on the floor! Naked time backfires.

May 20
New cake design by Molly. It's rustic.

May 21
Cousin time. (Sorry I'm feeling so uninspired with these captions.)

May 22
Front Yard
Seriously too cool.

May 23
Kiki and her two favs. And the super creepy owl peeking over her head.

May 24
Back Patio
Torch-lit backgammon.

May 25
Boehmer-Heimer Country Club
A little Memorial Day cookout with Buzz. I think we have a dog person on our hands. She giggled so much when he licked her face.

May 26
Schemmel House
Adah and her bird-watching goggles.

May 27
This kid is about to be on the move...

May 28
She's always got her eyes on me. I'm still flattered by it.

May 29
Thank you, Auntie, for the new swing!

May 30
Front Yard
Planting our garden with an expert this year. Fingers crossed we bear some fruit.

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