Monday, May 18

kind of a big deal

April 1
Duck Donuts
Auntie Tucker came for a meet Leena visit! Andy was working so she slept in the middle and took Leena duty all night. That's a true friend.

April 2
Tree Stumps
Kind of a goofy photo, but I blame Andy. He would've rather us moved so he could just get the trailer loaded with lumber.

April 3
Back Patio
Scoping out the future grill table site. Andy scored these iron legs.

April 4
The Shop
Cousins and their babies. Andy's got June, born in December, and Bonnie's got Leena, born in November.

April 5
The Dock
This little Easter bunny...

April 6
One thing (among many) that is super awesome about having a baby is dressing her in cute little outfits. It's also crazy because when she was born you didn't think she'd ever be big enough to wear them.

April 7
Mexican night at the Smith house on the eve of Grandpa Bud and Kiki's departures.

April 8
Green lawn turns to pink petals. I love tulip trees. Reminds me of my backyard in Brooklyn.

April 9
Doctor's Office
This big girl is in for her (delayed by her first ear infection) four-month check up! I'm a little fuzzy on the stats because that is not my forte, but I think she was 14.1!

April 10
Living Room
To prove how big she is, she holds her own bottle. She has her priorities straight.

April 11
The Park
Swinging with her cousin. I love how I get to be responsible for Leena experiencing so many things for the first time. It's kind of a big deal.

April 12
Lewis Ginter
My little (and big) firefighters.

April 13
A day late five-month photo!

April 14
You never know what you are going to get on a Dad Day.

April 15
There's no such thing as too many bathroom photos. Actually there absolutely is. But I love bath time because her hinney is so cute.

April 16
Andy's making gumbo for his last dinner at Station 5.

April 17
We are making OCPs for Andy's last day at Station 5. And then we delivered them by foot. We are going to miss having him so close.

April 18
Robert Earl (the truck)
Cutest passenger on the planet.

April 19
Lewis Ginter
Cousins from DC and Chicago come for a visit! Such a great afternoon with Tommy, Kevin, Granetta, and Shayla. A little taste of what's to come at the beach! (I've been counting down for a while now.)

April 20
Living Room
I'm sorry (not really at all) that this blog has become the Leena show.

April 21
Maybe I should make it the Andy show.

April 22
Peterson House
Just giving the fox a ride while my pompadour blows in the breeze.

April 23
Back Patio
Mike and Kristen coming over for dinner seems like the perfect opportunity for the first s'mores of the season. As if we need an excuse.

April 24
Living Room

April 25
Cousin bubble bath!

April 26
Nap activity: almond croissant, coffee, fabric cutting, movie watching.

April 27
Pulling out the ole margarita recipe by Devon and adding our own mango touch. (Another beach countdown activity.)

April 28
Side Yard
Waiting for Molly so we can do our massive cookie job shopping.

April 29
Killing it with our two mixers. Three hours and 24 batches of dough later...

April 30
We kind of lucked out having access to a completely empty refrigerator. 

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