Monday, April 6

secure the upper bonus

March 1
Dad days seem to be pretty awesome. I feel like I miss all the fun when I'm at work.

March 2
Soaking up the morning sun rays.

March 3
Passed out. In her crib. Not swaddled. In her really cool outfit. So many achievements. (Not pictured: One minute from now when she wakes up. Harrumph.)

March 4
Kuba Kuba
Kiki's back!

March 5
The snow just keeps on falling.

March 6
Changing Table
The LB wears her first dress! She still got called a he at the restaurant... To be fair, she was in her carseat under a blanket.

March 7
Big night at the Smith house. I secured my upper bonus and got two Yahtzee's! That's probably a PR but I haven't really kept close track.

March 8
Living Room
This kid is always so happy in the morning. You can't beat waking up to that face.

March 9
Living Room
Projects have pretty much been on hold since Leena arrived, but now that Kiki is back she is kicking us into gear. Built ins, here we come!

March 10
I got some pretty fabrics to make bandanas for my (and other) pint-sized drooler(s)!

March 11
Her first go with the jungle jumper. We put Riverdance on and she's practicing.

March 12
The months are flying by!

Andy crashed her photo shoot.


March 13
Second Bath
I thought we were almost done and then we started tearing out the second bathroom.

March 14
It does feel good to get some of the finishing touches done in the kitchen. Toe kick, foot trim, shoe mold, etc.

March 15
Just reading Fluffy Chick to Mr. Fox.

March 16
1811 and Living Room
The difference between girls and boys playing.

March 17
Just hanging out on the kitchen counter. Totally illegal, but clearly lots of fun. 

March 18
Bryan Park
Midday stroll.

March 19
I'm glad that's Andy's toothbrush and not mine.

March 20
Andy took Leena out of the house for nearly the entire day to give me some productivity time. It was my first time to be alone in the house since she was born. So naturally I pulled out sprinkles and kitty cookie cutters.

March 21
Front Yard
Our first spring indications! They don't look like they're quite ready to accept it with their downturned faces, but I'll take it!

March 22
Working on her standing skills and striking poses.

March 23
Changing Table
No one's ever made drooling look so good.

March 24
Cyborg Room
Leena is practicing her surprise face when she sees the Easter bunny for the first time.

March 25
Cyborg Room
New shades.

March 26
The Tree Stumps
Our first date night since the Bea! (Thank you, Kiki!)

March 27
Joanne's Fabric
This is her medieval costume bonnet. 
(Andy's Oma made it for him when he was wee. There's an entire outfit that goes with it.)

March 28
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

March 29
I get so excited to take her picture when she's asleep in her crib because it never lasts very long. And then you have this octopus who's sleeping also. And I finally changed her crib sheets because, while they are rarely used, it had been 4.5 months...

March 30
Lewis Ginter
A quick garden walk before they closed. Andy just went around this circle in the rose garden about 8 times and then our time was up and we left.

March 31
Living Room
Practicing our future skills. She is going to look so funny when those tiny legs and feet are walking around under that big belly.

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