Sunday, March 8

buffet pants

February 1
 Molly and Kha's
It's Leena's first Super Bowl party so she's wearing her buffet pants.

February 2
Sammy celebrates her birthday in all sizes.

February 3
Living Room
I was so excited for these booties to arrive because they apparently stay on feet and regular socks don't. (See February 1.) They do! I got the ones most on sale and, as a result, they contribute to Leena being mistaken for a boy. 

February 4
Beets are so cool! And they're what's for dinner. And they'd be great for a Halloween party.

February 5
The LB is getting quite the grip on things these days. It's so fun (and amazing) to see her progress daily.

February 6
Now that Andy has entered the 21st century of smartphones, he will be a regular contributor to the blog as well. Here's his debut. I love her juicy cheeks. And I love seeing how many days in a row she wears the same outfit...

February 7
Horizontal stripes are so flattering. So are bulging cloth diapers.

February 8
Andy and Leena brought me to work. I'm getting in my snuggles before my shift starts.

February 9
This foxy baby is cute even when she's about to erupt.

February 10
This is a bad photo after a day of work at Buttermilk! (Note: Day two of foxy baby.)

February 11
Peterson House
Most Wednesdays Leena goes to Ducky Daycare while I'm at work. Here she is resting with Bunker on the blanket. (Note: Day three of foxy baby. Record!)

February 12
Someone is three months old!

February 13
Getting ready for our Valentine's dinner party. I made some appropriately shaped carrot cakes. I might have eaten that small one mostly myself. And then I decided I should cut back on my sugar intake.

February 14
Andy sent me this photo while I was at work. I don't think I've ever missed someone so much.

February 15
Strengthening those neck muscles. (We take exercise very seriously around here.)

February 16
WFM Parking Lot
I left work to drive home in this. It took me forty five minutes. It's usually only fifteen. But you know what they, I mean Jeta, says, "Safety first. Fun second."

February 17
Front Yard
Leena's first snow day! She loved all of the five minutes we spent outside!

February 18
And then she spent the next day warming by the fire and contemplating where snow comes from and why is it white and when will it stop falling.

February 19
So many things make this the best photo ever. Baby overalls. Their smiles. Their gazes.

February 20
Otter Cove
Andy and Bob went down to the river to put a loft in the shop. They came back that evening when it was twenty degrees and not getting any warmer. Back at home, Leena and I prepared for our weekend guests!

February 21
Speaking of guests! Aunties Jeta and Julia came down to meet Leena and give her cool gifts like the Yahtzee onesie she's wearing. (I couldn't delay with washing it.) I'm pretty sure it's the dice that helped, but she rolled over for the first time today too! I missed it, but I heard the cheers. And then she did it again so I could see.

February 22
This is a twofer because I couldn't pick.
Just a couple girlfriends taking a cute picture.

And just a couple cousins and their tigers taking another cute one.

February 23
Eastern Shore
We made a trip to see Andy's dad and the rest of his family. Leena took a pretty epic nap. That's her sleeping hand. She has owls with bows on her shirt sleeve.

February 24
This was a day of great faces. Can't say I'm not proud.

February 25
Catching up on folding love notes into stars.

February 26
It's another snow day! We're starting to get cabin fever with all this twenty-degree weather.

February 27
Andy took both of these. 
This is my choice for the day.

This is his choice.

February 28
Living Room
Finally warm enough (kind of) to go for a walk! Leena's beard fits her a little better now. And she doesn't seem to mind it as much. I don't know why she gets mistaken for a boy so often.

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