Friday, February 6

the cat's pajamas

 January 1
My view on most days. I'll take it!

January 2
This is the second half of a 48-hour stretch without Andy. We did pretty well.

January 3
We went to an antique store today and I found Leena's first Christmas present for 2015. Can't wait for her chubby little legs (They aren't that chubby yet so I'm just anticipating.) to toddle around and tug this hippo behind her.

January 4
We didn't go in to this parenting thing with the plan to co-sleep, but there you have it. She seems perfectly happy with the arrangement.

January 5
Giving the cloth diapers a try. I think she might be a little small yet.

January 6
Changing Table
Even though her booties fit a little better now they still might have been a waste of time because she kicks them right off. Oh well. Cute for a photo and definitely cute on her little legs. (See, not chubby.)

January 7
Passed out koala baby ruffle butt and koala papa.

January 8
Living Room
Bundled up in a fuzzy pink bear suit Hazel hand-me-down for a quick outdoor adventure. By adventure I mean, Mom's bored and Dad is across the street splitting wood so we are going to go say hi.

January 9
Power to the people.

January 10
The pig towel from Grandma Dana has become our favorite. Not only for it's adorableness but also for it's absorbency.

January 11
The face of a skeptic. What she has to be skeptical about at this age, I have no idea.

January 12
The big 2 months! And goodness has she grown! 9 lb. 12 oz. now!

January 13
Schemmel House
Real BFF's right here. Shirts don't lie.

January 14
This kid. And those funny bears on her onesie. (I think this is my favorite 0-3 outfit.)

January 15
We spend a lot of time on the couch in the sunroom in this position. Maybe this is Leena saying she's no longer entertained by it.

January 16
We have been thankful for these unseasonably warm days when we can go out in our beards and roam the neighborhood.

January 17
Sometimes Leena falls asleep while eating and I can just extract myself and leave her to practice her sleep-planking.

January 18
Ward House
Big night for Leena. It's never too early, right? Not right. We're just using her car seat to hold this gift for Bob. 

January 19
Changing Table
Not the best picture, but I couldn't resist because this is totally something Andy would do. The pose, the face, stick her belly to one side and her booty to the other.

January 20
Lewis Ginter
No springtime flowers yet, but the quiet at the garden is just as nice.

January 21
This was my first day back at work. She was sleeping on Andy when I left. I gave her a kiss, she smiled, and I cried, but only for a minute. When I got home I started making Amy's Red Velvet for Nate's last day at Station 5. Happy for the excuse, sad that he got transferred. And Happy Birthday, Mom!

January 22
When she's out, she's out. From the Ergo to the bed.

January 23
There's a lot going on down there on that play gym.

January 24
Another day well spent with Dad. Andy captured this winner while I was at work. Her face is definitely the highlight, but the washcloth covering her hiney for modesty is pretty close.

January 25
Maymont Nature Center
The Carbonella's are here! They took time out of they're busy schedule to drive down to Richmond to see us! There's nothing better than spending the day with old friends. Wish it could happen more often, that's for sure.

January 26
Isn't she the cat's pajamas? I can't help it. Every time she wears those.

January 27
Ducky came over and before she left she gave us this gift. Leena stayed in her crib until her first night-time feeding. This never works for me.

January 28
Changing Table
Getting ready for our first potluck girl's night out!

January 29
Superman selfie for Auntie and Dad. 

January 30
Hanging out on that play gym some more.

January 31
Andy's new trick for Leena: sitting on the edge of the table. She looks so grown up!

I think it's safe to say this has become the Leena blog. I'm okay with that because I think she's pretty mesmerizing.

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