Sunday, January 11

the party animal lifestyle of new parents

December 1
Front Yard
Enjoying an unseasonably warm day with a nap outside while Mom and Andy work on the porch.

December 2
No baby is going to slow down my baking! Fish shapes for Bob, axes for Andy, and stars for everyone else.

December 3
Living Room
Father-daughter couch time.

December 4
Living Room
I think our wish of "If we have a girl, she'll have Andy's legs" was heard.

December 5
Living Room
Post-bath baby bird hair.

December 6
Our first solo outing. (That's not true. We've gone to the grocery store together.) 
But here we are spending a rainy afternoon with art.

December 7
Leena's Room
The day Leena really started to show her smile. Obviously I ran to get the camera and took about 1 billion photos.

December 8
Living Room
And thus began the quest for the cutest baby photos because once you have a newborn that's really all it's about, right?

December 9
Living Room
Struggles with breastfeeding. Leena's first formula bottle was a little hard on me. But Kiki was very reassuring.

December 10
Another example of the nonstop photo quest. Naked baby in a bread bowl. Obviously.

December 11
A midnight backsplash party. One of the finishing touches for the kitchen!

December 12
One month old, holy cow! (Kiki's latest craft obsession: Numbers for all the newborns in her life.)

December 13
Cyborg Room
Roller gift exchange Christmas crafting. These are air plant vases after phase one (cutting wood blocks) and phase two (sanding them down).

December 14
This requires three photos because it's important to see where we came from sometimes.




December 15
The finished air plant vases! Ready to be mailed to Beefers in Tucson where they will fit right in with the good energy and desert air.

December 16
Look at that little arm sticking out grabbing Pop's collar.

December 17
Leena's Room
We finally got shelves, pictures, and mobile hung. Leena loves it so much that she sleeps in our bed every night.

December 18
Doctor Office
One month check up. Leena is putting on the pound(and a half)! She's bumped up to 7.8 lbs. and 20 inches!

Decmber 19
Living Room
A Kiki and granddaughters moment. Adah is clearly in love with her Baby Cousin Leena.

December 20
I thought we needed a photo for scale and some day it's going to be crazy to me that her head could fit in my hand.

December 21
Now it just looks like we torment little Leena.

December 22
More Christmas crafting: the scarf I made for Adah.

December 23
Leena's Room
Kiki and Leena. Enough said. Well, maybe not enough. This is Leena's first pair of pants, a very noteworthy occasion. 

December 24
Peterson House
Which stocking is Leena's? Too cute! And the story is that it was Andy's on his very first Christmas.

December 25
Schemmel House
More cousin love. One enjoys it more than the other.

December 26
Our attempt at the perfect family photo. (We will try again, but this is all we have managed so far. This is also my excuse for not sending birth announcements/holiday cards yet...)

December 27
Lewis Ginter
For Christmas we got Mom a photo shoot with her grandkiddos. Here she is putting Leena on top of a fake black bear in front of a giant Christmas tree.

December 28
Terrace Ave.
Andy is hogging the new wood splitter and making Leena and I use the ax.

December 29
Close-up headshot pictures like this are taken every single day, just FYI.

December 30
Italian Restaurant
Dinner out with the whole fam. Grandpa Bud and Leena just hanging.

December 31
Getting Leena all clean and ready for the big New Year celebration where we had the Cronks over for leftovers and Catan. That's the party animal lifestyle of new parents for you. We might have all been in bed by 10:00.

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