Saturday, September 6

steadily growing

August 1
Best way to start off a day: a handwritten letter on a really funny card. Thanks, Beefdog.

August 2
Back Patio
I was blogging (as I am now) and realized I had meant to take a photo of our newly installed back door for one day and never did. So I went outside, shut the door, and took the photo to use. I tried to go back inside and the the door was locked. And so was the front door. And Andy was at work. And I was in my little nightie, with a little bit of a pregnant belly, and my bed hair down and flowing in the breeze like a crazy lady. Luckily I used my phone to take the picture so I called my sister and she rescued me.

August 3
This is the only semblance of a nursery preview I have to offer. The bobbies finished octopus buddy on a crib sheet. I'm pretty pleased with the finished product.

August 4
I guess this could count also. It's the rocking chair we found on Craigslist. But we are going to re-cover the seat. (It's travelled around the world and been a nursing rocker for two generations already. Hoping for good mojo to be passed along.)

August 5
Front Yard
Andy helped Bekah with some plumbing stuff and before he got cleaned up I made him let me take a picture of his mud-speckled face.

August 6
Dinner and a movie night. Not shown: oysters (ga-ross) and crackers to put all this good stuff on.

August 7
Cyborg Room
Just playing with watermelon beaks in our construction zone.

August 8
Trying to nest and all I can come up with is cutting butternut squash to get it out of the veggie bowl.

August 9
Kuba Kuba
A delicious dinner out, pony High Life and all.

August 10
A 26 1/2 week check in. Steadily growing I'd say.

August 11
The first booty I've ever knitted. I can't believe there's someone inside me that's going to fill this with a tiny foot. 

August 12
Hermitage Road
Stopped by the Amtrak. It felt so old-fashioned to wait at the tracks. A grandpa and grandson took the opportunity to park and watch. 

August 13
Trying to pack for Arkansas, but Z won't let me. And I didn't dare disturb. She can get a little feisty if you interrupt her napping.

August 14
Skies over Chicago
En route to Midway Airport. I love seeing the patterns and colors from the sky.

August 15
Greers Ferry Lake
A night game of Scrabble with Dad and Andy. I won. Maybe because my thinking was fueled by water not wine.

August 16
Sugar Loaf Mountain
We hiked up the mountain in the middle of the lake! An incredible view and a very accessible cool off afterward.

August 17
Beck Compound
Little Rock
Baby showering with these best pals from high school and tons of lady aunts, cousins, and friends. That's one lucky bobby to be spoiled by so many people before they've even met him (or her).

August 18
Mom's Place
Cousins pizza party. We are so cool.

August 19
Two Rivers Park
Andy and I took exercise in the sweltering Arkansas heat and walked past this swamp of green on green on green. We rewarded ourselves with the first, and probably only, snow cone of the season. 

August 20
Mom's Place
One last pool go before we catch our flight back. Andy made me clean it out for him. No rest for the pregnants.

August 21
Peterson House
A loooong day of work following a loooong day of travel equals a lot of pillows and a crucial need for sleep.

August 22
Cyborg Room
Yard sale jackpot! I might've gotten enough newborn diapers to last us. And for only ten bucks! Unless we have a giant baby...

August 23
Z came to say goodnight and do that funny milking thing with her paws.

August 24
Hilliard Road
I can't resist a tall sunflower. We saw these when we were walking home from a party.

August 25
Cyborg Room
I think my belly looks way bigger when I'm looking down. Or I just have tiny feet. And I don't; they're average.

August 26
Club Road
Taking Adah for a wagon ride. Snacks, sunglasses, froggie. Check, check, and check.

August 27
Regal Cinema
This guy wore his neon yellow fleece vest to match his neon yellow 3D glasses.

August 28
Rough days call for early bedtimes. (And not real pictures.)

August 29
Some OCPs. I made the mistake of eating only one before I brought them to the fire station. Gone in sixty seconds.

August 30
It's been awhile since we've had a house project check. Here's an outlet we installed. Electrical work is not that exciting.

August 31
Main Street
I went for a long walk around the Fan to change up scenery and I finally came across the mural my friend Abby painted! So cool!

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