Sunday, November 9

no slowing down

September 1
Back Yard
Matchy matchy, turqoise and stripes squared!

September 2
I'm not sure what's happening here, but Andy's being gross. Practicing for fatherhood, no doubt.

September 3
P.F. Chang's
Dinner out with my ma- and brother-in-law.

September 4
Just chiseling some brick away for the oven vent. All the things wrong with this: no dust protection, pregnant lady on ladder, sandals. There's no slowing down over here.

September 5
Dishwasher slid into place for a dry fitting. Even just seeing it there (not working yet) is exciting!

September 6
Looks like a fall harvest festival with that beautiful grilled corn and burrito filling. This is probably one of three home-cooked meals in two-months time. That's why I'm so proud.

September 7
Clearly the focus of our work these days. Progresses: Advantium (ie. second oven/microwave) installed and dry fit countertops.

September 8
Front Porch
Cutting the hole for the kitchen sink. Talk about pressure. And talk about the beginning of the longest sink ordeal ever. That story is not worth rehashing, but just know that nothing ever goes smoothly when home renovating.

September 9
That's a baby-shaped impression on a raw cake. I'm not aware of my size. The best is when I try to slide past someone and graze their butt with my belly. Oops.

September 10
Cyborg Room
Let the process begin! Stage one: sanding!

September 11
I made a few things for the bobby. Tiny things! (Holy cow as I type this it's a matter of days!)

September 12
Cyborg Room
A coat of shellac. And that's just the underside of the countertop.

September 13
Getting the roof done across the street because one house to worry about isn't enough.

September 14
Back Yard
Picnicking with Sister and Adah (because there's nowhere to sit inside).

September 15
Bryan Park
The most beautiful ombre berries of them all! Enjoying a park stroll with Molly.

September 16
We installed that fan and it works.

September 17
Living Room
My new lamp to replace the one that Whit broke.

September 18
Countertops in place and getting more coats of shellac. They're purty.

September 19
Celebrating (or mourning) Ben and Laura's last day. At least I'm doing it in style. (Pregnancy fail.)

September 20
Preparing for floor refinishing and yard sale purging. The cat comes with the bookshelf.

September 21
32 1/2 weeks. Feeling good and going strong.

September 22
Two years of marriage to celebrate and be thankful for! I'd say we've managed to pack quite a bit in. Andy certainly deserves some pie with heart-shaped cutouts.

September 23
OBGYN Assoc.
Waiting for doc.

September 24
Cyborg Room
Barstools that need to be re-covered eventually. Add it to the list!

September 25
64 East
Giving ourselves a long weekend/anniversary celebration in the Outerbanks with Abe and Tim. And starting it off right with car pizza.

September 26
Frisco, NC
Father and son assessing the surf situation.

September 27
Evening sit on a deserted stretch of beach. Don't mind if I do.

September 28
Crab traps on crab traps on crab traps.

September 29
Shells on shells on shells. Andy collects for hours and I don't mind because that's a great dad activity.

September 30
Cyborg Room
I'm not too pregnant to paint the top part of the wall, but I am too pregnant to paint the bottom part. Getting bigger by the minute.

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  1. Good to see you hanging in there. Can't wait to meet the little one!!! Hugs. Margie