Saturday, August 2

pancakes for the table

July 1
Front Porch
Working into the wee hours to get the rest of that ceiling hung. Lookin' good, fellas.

July 2
Schemmel House
This kid loves America whether she wants to or not.

July 3
Hanging cabinets while these bozos eat dinner and look at their phones.

July 4
Schemmel House
Celebrating two years of life (yesterday)!

July 5
Front Porch
This is our current preferred dining spot. Al fresco is besto. (Worst joke I've ever told in my whole life.)

July 6
Rappahannock River
Out for a surprise morning pajama boat ride with Bob and Elisabeth!

July 7
Christmas come early! Unboxing some new appliances!

July 8
Peterson House
When I have to work at Whole Foods and then University of Richmond, my day is pretty boring. Perfect opportunity for a belly update.

July 9
Black Sheep
Waiting to be seated for dinner with Andy and cousin Patrick. That arrow is probably a clue for buried treasure.

July 10
Mom accidentally got stuck driving into Manhattan/Brooklyn. We arrived safely!

July 11
Crown Inn
Mom and Jeta thought to coordinate their outfits. Subtle, but cute.

July 12
Brooklyn Bridge
I'm fulfilling my obligation as a tourist, no longer a resident. Really though, can anyone ever get enough of the view from the bridge?

July 13
Tom's Diner
An order of pancakes for the table is the best idea anyone has ever had.

July 14
Just a belly check. I have a new haircut, which you cannot see, and I'm wearing a new skirt.

July 15
Cyborg Room
Our friend Margie sent us a thank you in the form of local produce! So thoughtful and delicious!

July 16
Back Porch
Eating some of that produce after a hard day's work. When we have guests we move to the back porch for meals. 

July 17
Mom putting herself to work. Changing the paint color so it's more grey like we originally thought and wanted.

July 18
Eating a homemade OCP by myself.

July 19
Kerr Lake
Day trip to see college buds and relax a little. It's nice to take a break from the house occasionally. This guy definitely deserves it.

July 20
The Mill
Brunch with mom before she hits the skies.

July 21
Laundry Room
Storage installed! Another room coming together!

July 22
Dinner for two please. Cooking is a pain, but not impossible.

July 23
Back Porch
Our castle is secure again! (The storm door has been protecting us for weeks. Or maybe it's months...) Back door hung and ready for action.

July 24
Laura brought us a thank-you tart. Inspired by my favorite chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Holy cow.

July 25
Somebody is having a rough day.

July 26
Otter Cove
Maybe he partied too hard? (No serious injuries. It looks worse than it is. When you're pregnant and sober you appreciate the antics of the drinkers a little more. 
Or is it a little less?)

July 27
Otter Cove
Water gazing with Abe before he heads of to Switzerland.

July 28
Front Yard
Painting and finishing the countertop for the laundry room.

July 29
Bott House
Big sister pours tea for little brother. Everyone is costumed appropriately.

July 30
Ray's Italian Ice
Brothers date night. I crashed it.

July 31
Peterson House
Another double work day. And I only know how to make that face when self-photo-ing.

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