Friday, July 25

jorts and boots

June 1
Home improvements with a growing belly. Don't worry, my sense of style has remained intact. Jorts and boots with ankle socks.

June 2
Afternoon errands around town. I always enjoy seeing what the side of this building has on it.

June 3
This is pretty self-explanatory, but Andy is painting the ceiling. Side note: It's nice to look back at these pictures and see how far our progress has come!

June 4
Also self-explanatory, except this time it's a wall.

June 5
Greg came to our rescue and helped Andy lay the hardie backer. Thank goodness, because I sure didn't want to get down there and do it.

June 6
Yorktown Beach
When Andy works, I give myself a day off from chores. Maybe that doesn't seem fair, but I think it's pretty great and The Bobby needed to experience the beach. 

June 7
America's tiling duo. This is pretty much as professional as it gets.

June 8
Peach's Barn
We came out here to reclaim some wood from this barn before it falls over. 

June 9
Wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping.

I couldn't resist this two-fer. 
Andy needed to stretch his back after all that. Z, his bff, joined him.

June 10
This is basically how everything goes. And by that I mean nothing ever works out on the first try. The colors don't quite match up...

June 11
The solution: dye the grout using a toothbrush and a little tube of dye. Worth it, probably not, but too late now. But really not bad for Team America's first tiling job!

June 12
The tiniest baby bump. Easily confused for a beer belly.

June 13
Wood shavings from Whit's work on the back door threshold.

June 14
Front Porch
Clearly Andy is working again because I am lounging like a champ in the hammock.

June 15
Living Room
A quadri-pus!

June 16
Look at that coming together! Let me just point some things out because it doesn't look like much if you haven't been staring at it for months. A floor, walls, trim, and a water heater. Woot!

June 17
Cyborg Room
The cats. Not hanging out with each other.

June 18
Painting the back door. Sorry for all this terribly boring house stuff. It's kind of all we've been doing. All progress is good progress.

June 19
One step closer to not doing dishes in the bathroom!

June 20
Cleaning out the sunroom to get ready for the floors. The best magnet that ever was is finally getting trashed. New fridge = we are classier than that?

June 21
After my bike ride I saw this mom and her babies crossing the street! Best day in the country ever! Her udders were touching the ground!

June 22
Front Porch
Making sure we don't get too classy though. Temporary fridge location means free beer access for anyone who cares to take a look inside!

June 23
Boehmer-Heimer Country Club
Molly is like the rodeo clown of the pool. She knows how to handle the shark.

June 24
Front Yard
At least our flowers are blooming beautifully in front of the house.

June 25
Would you look at that!?  It's a real live floor!

June 26
A big day for the Smith's. We got to see The Bobby and he (I'm just saying that, we don't know if The Bobby is a he or she) saluted us! Pretty amazing stuff.

June 27
Front Yard
Black-eyed Susans not quite ready to come out yet.

June 28
Front Yard
New perspective. I think it's pretty obvious there's a lot going on inside there.

June 29
Pocahontas State Park
Dad time at the pool!

June 30
Front Porch
Team working for that porch ceiling. Not too shabby.

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