Saturday, June 14

strawberry season

May 1
Front Yard
Ms. Judy (our neighbor) gave us some irises from her yard.)

May 2
Front Yard
 And they are doing great on our side of the line! (Clearly my short-term memory is struggling since I took a picture of the same thing two days in a row.)

May 3
Short Pump Town Centre
Andy was working at the Firefighter Games so Sister and I brought Adah out there to visit and practice spraying a fire hose.

May 4
My weekend of working. At least there was nice enough weather to take a break in and let my dogs rest.

May 5
Pulling wires up and pushing them back down. We are pretty much master electricians by now.

May 6
Peterson House
Lovely flowers greeting me as I went to take a nap between works.

May 7
Carver's House
Showing off our pregnant bellies. One of us is much more convincing than the other, and it's not me.

May 8
Living Room
The bi-pus just hanging out on the couch.

May 9
Front Yard
It's a weeding kind of day. (Clearly overdue.)

May 10
Making the seasonal clothes switch and preparing for a yard sale. Pretty impressed with my get-rid-of pile.

May 11
St. Stephen's
My first Mother's Day involved a Chipotle picnic (Andy knows how to get me. And my burrito baby definitely outweighed my real baby.) and the Compline service. Pretty lovely way to spend the evening really.

May 12
Using fire extinguishers as models for our future wall cutouts.

May 13
New faucets installed! On both sides! Which means we can brush our teeth and spit simultaneously without worrying about hitting each other.

May 14
The cutest cupcakes ever made! (Tiny cones!)

May 15
If only we were so lucky to be done after the first attempt. Alas, a little leaking, a plumber visit, a few trips to the store, and two more days of working on this later, we have functional faucets!

May 16
Giving Adah a ride around the neighborhood.

May 17
That yard sale I was talking about. A giant dog came and were instant friends. Also, I sold zero percent of those clothes, but immediately brought them to the Goodwill truck. Better luck next time.

May 18
Brown's Island
Took a trip down to Dominion River Rock to see what it's all about. I didn't paddle board or anything, but I did eat ice cream while watching others.

May 19
It's annoying when she insists on getting behind the blinds in the middle of the night. Luckily this was during waking hours.

May 20
Front Porch
Our friend Tim came for a quick visit before leaving the country and helped Andy hang the hammock. Then we each took turns napping in it.

May 21
Culinary school dinner! It was a grilling class and there were lots of veggies. (I'm not usually so lucky.)

May 22
Front Porch
It's nice and sunny but there's a crazy rainstorm going on out there. I thought for sure a tornado would drop down or at least a gold pot would fall in my lap.

May 23
The past two days of work were spent making these guys. I bought one and I could've eaten the entire thing but decided to share.

May 24
Dot's Back Inn
It has been so long since I've had pancakes. Holy cow. 

May 25
Strawberry picking at our neighbor's friend's patch. We made out like bandits.

May 26
Schemmel House
No kitchen and a billion strawberries to hull is not a great combination. Sharing with Adah after she let me use her kitchen to clean, cut, and make a pie.

May 27
A giant vat of salsa and a giant bag of chips.

May 28
It has walls again! And some intentional cutouts. It feels real good to have progress that is not measured in wires and pipes.

May 29
Patina Grill
We had a doctor's appointment today. Heard the heartbeat and had some blood work. Afterward, Elisabeth took me out for pregnant lady shopping and dinner! So wonderful.

May 30
Mekong Parking Lot
Pretty nice sunset to wrap up a work week and a(nother) good dinner.

May 31
Richmond National Battlefield Park
I treated myself to a bike ride and a picnic out here. I could probably handle every Saturday morning being like this.

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