Sunday, May 18

we started another project

April 5
Front yard
We took some photos for a project. This is one we didn't use, but it's pretty classic.

April 6
Lewis Ginter
Adah sporting her new flower sunglasses and smelling everything. Including the dead weeds.

April 7
Living Room
Some couch company. I'm not sure if she's happy about it, but I am.

April 8
The project. It's a big one. (There's a close up a few days down.)

April 9
Carver and Bekah's
Birthday potluck for Carver!

April 10
Grandma and Grandpa Frost's
Little Rock
A great dinner with Dad's family.

April 11
Sister said I could do Adah's hair. A combination of bed head and four bows makes for a great canvas. At least Adah liked it.

April 12
Grandma Kelly's
We are all in town for Cousin Brad's wedding. Hanging out with all this family is a rare and treasured occasion.

April 13
Travel selfie. Heading back to the RVA.

April 14
Front yard
I feel quite sure that this tree was white last year. I don't know if that's possible and I haven't taken the time to look at photo evidence, but I'm just going to go with it.

April 15
An octopus tentacle. Each time I make one and put it on my thumb I think about making some awesome gloves.

April 16
Here we go!
If you can read the text it's worth it because Andy is funny and came up with it.

April 17
Peterson House
I went for my between-works nap and Elisabeth had left me a treat: the biggest bag of chocolate eggs I've ever seen!

April 18
We finally got ourselves to the theater! Worth it.

April 19
Living room
It's a uni-pus. So far...

April 20
I ended up having to work through Easter plans, which resulted in my first experience with out-of-control hormones and this depressing dinner by myself.

April 21
Room of Requirement
Molly knows how to make a girl laugh though. Herself included.

April 22
Front yard
Spring is so lovely! Our azaleas are magnificent!

April 23
The National
Girl date night at the Indigo Girls. I don't even know how many times I've seen them, but they never disappoint. The memories they and their music are a part of...

April 24
On a sunset air cruise to Boston or Katie Ro and Jon Dick's wedding!

April 25
Mike's Pastry
Holy Cannoli! It's never been a more applicable phrase. And I got to hang out with Julia!

April 26
Isabella Gardner Museum
I'm in the bathroom. It was so green and beautiful and the only place I could get away with taking a photo. Sorry I don't have one of the bride and groom, whom we celebrated that evening, but they were beautiful and the wedding was fantastic.

April 27
North of NYC
The closest I've been to the city in quite a while. Enjoying a Sunday drive with some pals.

April 28
Laundry on laundry on laundry. The worst part is we can't go to bed until we finish.

April 29
Cyborg Room
Enough canned goods to last us through an apocalypse, thanks to 40% off day. (The entire pantry is this stocked.) If only we had a fully functional kitchen!

April 30
We hit the twelve week mark! No outward changes yet. Plenty of crazy things inside though.


  1. Congratulations Lydia!! I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. Lydia!! So Happy for all three of you! What joy! :) Excellent! Excellent news! :)