Sunday, April 6

the real d-day

February 15
Adah making bubble cheeks.

February 16
Breakfast of champions.

February 17
Disaster of champions. This is what our kitchen turns into after we have people over for dinner. But well worth it to see friends you haven't seen in awhile!

February 18
I took so long to respond to Loni's email that the only way to make up for it was to send her a real letter. It had been so long since I'd written a snail mail that I thought it worth documenting.

February 19
A onesie for Baby Boy Larkum (who is now here!) because his dad likes sailing so he will too, I'm sure.

February 20
Sometimes there are good, free flowers at work and they can really brighten up a room.

February 21
Cronk House
Becoming a master Settler. Maybe not quite yet because at the end of the game we all realized I had accidentally cheated.

February 22
Fortune Gourmet
Oma and grandson eating Chinese.

February 23
This is about as close to the cows as she'll get. Adah was scared of some of the real animals, but was all about the picture of a bobcat. Gave it a million kisses and didn't want to say goodbye.

February 24
Across the Street
Andy split and stacked all this wood we got at the river the other day. I think we're set for next year now.

February 25
Cyborg Room
I laid out all the pennants before getting ready to ship them to AR for their next wedding because they are just so fun. It makes me happy that they are going to be a part of more love memories.

February 26
Peterson House
Parenthood party in bed with Elisabeth. Afternoon well spent.

February 27
Keo Property
Delivering a table to Sammy and getting some more firewood in return. (I only thought we were done collecting.) So many tall skinny trees! They blow in the wind like the slinky blow-ups at car dealerships.

February 28
I got a new table also! And it is now serving as my kitchen prep and storage station.

March 1
I knitted a donut!

March 2
Even though our house is in shambles we can still enjoy homemade cookies and sorbet.

March 3
Nothing like a big snowstorm to get you out of work early! I haven't felt like a kid with a snow day in a long time. We watched a lot of movies and drank hot cocoa.

March 4
Knitting a hedgehog for Andy. He's pretty cute.

March 5
We got supplies for s'mores on the snow day and never made them! I went ahead and treated myself when Andy was at work.

March 6
I left Andy his finished hedgehog when I went to work. When I got home, he had left me a Pop-Tart! True love!

March 7
The makeshift kitchen station is growing. It's also now the makeshift workshop and the makeshift storage closet.

March 8
The River
Lauren and I knitted/crocheted and gabbed on the dock while the men went for a paddle. Nothing like a weekend escape with good friends!

March 9
Cyborg Room
Clearing and rearranging to get ready....

March 10
Everything is getting emptied for D-day. We are working only with essentials these days.

March 11
Gutted. Mostly.

March 12
Martin's parking lot
Crazy beautiful sunset!

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