Monday, February 24

it's been cold and quiet around here

January 26
A thank you dinner for my sister and her fam for watching the cat, plants, and house while we were away. Adah missed us a lot.

January 27
Regal Cinemas
For the last evening of our vacation (read as "I have to go back to work tomorrow.") we went to an empty movie theater. Then we saw Saving Mr. Banks.

January 28
Front yard
You know, we expected to come home and for winter to be over. Well it's not. This tiny covering of snow dust was just the beginning.

January 29
My cute bandages make my small cut look like a way bigger deal than it was.

January 30
We've been on a backgammon kick lately.

January 31
Custard in the making. For a pie. Duh.

February 1
It's Sammy's birthday and she gets treated like royalty.

February 2
Bryan Park
Having a walk and talk with my mom and saw this tree trying to make out with me.

February 3
Grilled pita sandwich on a pretty plate. (It's been real cold and quiet around here lately.)

February 4
I normally don't go beyond the front door like this but I was feeling particularly lazy, and Andy had to pick up his truck from the shop. I got locked out upon my return and waited for 45 minutes for Andy to get back. I might have gone to a neighbors, but then I saw this.

February 5
Culinary School
Just working.

February 6
My cooking companion for the evening. He is really good at what he does.

February 7
Cyborg Room
I unloaded my accessories tin from vacation. I like sea creature earrings. I brought this ostrich button with me because I knew I was going to ride one and I thought this would give me a deeper connection with the bird. I think it worked.

February 8
Pigtails and Crewcuts
Somebody is not excited about getting her first hair cut. She calmed down after she got to suck on her pacifier.

February 9
The Camel
Watching Molly perform with The Girtles! (And other Beatles cover bands.) 

February 10
New knitting project has begun.

February 11
Finished the icing and working on the dough.

February 12
An evening stroll in the snow. It was quite the accumulation!

February 13
Cronk House
I'm finally a Settler of Catan. I think I've got my Friday night activity figured out for the rest of my life.

February 14
We have a zillion strips of paper left over from our wedding. Every night Andy's working, I write him a note and leave it on his pillow. They become stars in the jar with all the other nice messages friends and family wrote us on our wedding day.

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