Thursday, January 30

awesome vacation 2014

January 11
Buddy Dive
A long day of travel brought us here. Well worth it to see the moon so crisp in that bright blue sky. And we had a tv in our room that played Jeopardy every night at 8 pm. If that's not the sign of a good vacation, I don't know what is.

January 12
Buddy Dive
After our dive orientation we got suited up for our first underwater adventure! There is a spectacular reef just off the dock at the resort. Don't mind if I do.

January 13
White Slave
After some shore diving we took a trip around the southern part of the island. These are old slave huts for the workers in the salt flats. It's pretty much a concrete tent with no door and a really nice view.

January 14
These guys are everywhere and they like people for dropped food and bare toes. 

January 15
Buddy Dive
My first tropical drink (beer doesn't count). We spent the day boat diving, playing Yahtzee, and watching the sun set. And then we probably watched Jeopardy.
I think I'm pretty good at vacationing.

January 16
North Shore
Driving up the coast. It has the tendency to take your breath away with all the different blues.

January 17
Washington Slagbaai National Park
The northern part of the island is one giant, protected national park. We spent the day driving on the dirt roads and stopping at all the attractions. Andy liked to pretend he was the ocean's orchestrator.

January 18
New place! We took a quick flight over to the next island! It's got a lot of old stuff.

January 19
The Floating Bridge
Really neat to see this entire bridge swing open like an arm when a boat needs to get through.

January 20
Ostrich Farm
I rode an ostrich. A life goal has been met. And I don't remember it being as terrifying as my face suggests.

January 21
Mostly I'm storing away this paint job in the "future dream home" folder in my head.

January 22
Getting some produce and the floating market. Behind all these stalls are boats from Venezuela loaded with fruits and veggies.

January 23
Lac Bay
These trees are crazy! Like a zillion fingers reaching down into the ocean and making it crystal clear with magic.

January 24
Salt Flats
This place fascinated me. The water was so pink (pinker than it looks) and giant mountains of salt were coming from it. And just across the street was the bluest ocean you ever saw. Sent my color wheel into overdrive.

January 25
Bonaire International Airport
A sad, sad day. Fine. That's not completely true. Two weeks is quite awhile so I think we were both ready to get back home. Not to the snow. The busted pipe. Or work. But maybe the comfort of our cozy wood-stove heated home.

It's very difficult to choose just one photo to share from each day when there is so much color and fun and newness! 
If you want to venture further into our vacation, you can click HERE.

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