Monday, January 27

ten-day countdown

January 1
Living Room
Rough start to the year. I wet myself.
JK! I was trying to open a water bottle between my thighs as I was driving home and was squeezing too hard.

January 2
Living Room
Christmas comes down. But not without watching one last Christmas movie.

January 3
Mounds of shortbread dough just waiting to be cut out and baked! I can see the excitement in their saran wrap wrinkles.

January 4
Cyborg Room
See how happy they are as stars? Hopefully the neighbors will be happy too!

January 5
Cyborg Room
Getting ready for Awesome Vacation 2014. Andy tried on my super stretched out skin. It accentuates his bosom. And I tried on my wetsuit. It accentuates my crazy hair.

January 6
We just happened to have all the ingredients for s'mores on hand and a hot fire in the woodstove....

January 7
First photo in the series Andy Drinks Liquids.
He's also beating me in Scrabble.

January 8
Second photo in the series Andy Drinks Liquids.
In this one, he's chugging Emergen-C to ward off an illnesses that want to threaten Awesome Vacation 2014.

January 9
Living Room
One bag packed. Do notice the snacks that are stuffed in every crevice.

January 10
Joe's Inn
Congrats-to-Molly and farewell-to-Lydia drinks. 
Molly has crazy eyes because she loves anchovy paste so much.

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