Monday, November 11

you'd never suspect anything more

October 7
Latest knitting project that is taking me an age. Sorry for the delay, Baby Whitt.

October 8
Dad (aka Steve) brought his new puppy for show and tell. That's Titan's booty.

October 9
Living Room
Birthday Birks arrived! I had a pair just like this and they broke in early 2012. I can't believe my feet went so long without them.

October 10
This is how I celebrate going to the gym and Andy working.

October 11
Lakeside Tavern
How I have never been to this gem before. Local dive, I have found you and I want to be your next regular. Really I'm just thinking this will be a great place for the Rollers to hang out when they come to town.

October 12
A full day with Adah! I think it made her love me more.

October 13
Apple cider donuts on the fryer. This has now become a fall tradition.

October 14
Fabric on fabric on fabric on... These are cutouts for onesies. I've been crafting a bit lately.

October 15
Club Road
Here's a tree decorated with mushrooms Molly and I found on our afternoon stroll around the hood.

October 16
Nate's House
Dessert at potluck. No one's holding back.

October 17
This makes me appreciate the plans we have for improving our kitchen. All Andy's doing is making some gumbo, but it looks like everything has exploded on everything.

October 18
Cyborg Room
Here's a pretty good example of right angle Adah. I wish she had her legs out, then you'd really see.

October 19
Alexandria, VA
A bbq wedding food truck!

October 20
The Marshall House
Springfield, VA
Andy is going all out for his ukelele performance.

October 21
Front Yard
You can see fall coming through. This time of year is one of my favorites. It's right up there with the other three.

October 22
We went for an anniversary dinner with Mom at this new(ish) Indian restaurant. It has yet to disappoint. (Side note: my first apartment was right by this radio tower.)

October 23
Schemmel House
One of Adah's latest tricks: drinking from a straw and not spitting it back in the glass.

October 24
This looks completely unappetizing, but oh contraire! Those are some dang good vegan sausages in the middle of sauteed peppers and onions!

October 25
It was time for the brain cake to go, but we captured some moments to remember it fondly.


October 26
National Harbor, MD
Annual trip to the Gaylord with mandatory photo on a different part of The Awakening sculpture.

October 27
Butcher Block
A dug-into apple pie.

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