Monday, October 7

one year and counting

September 22
Whiteoak Canyon
Skyline Drive
Celebrating one year of marriage with a couple friends and a nature hike. I couldn't be more thankful to have this guy in my life.

September 23
Shenandoah River
Luray, VA
We did some kayaking and came across this rope swing. After Andy's first go he said, "You have to try this!" I have never done a rope swing into a river and I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by even though I hate cold water. I went for my swing (it was higher than it looked) and the water was deeper and colder than I thought. I didn't let go until Andy waded out to get me and carried me back to shore on his shoulders. You can watch the video of my swing here.

September 24
Luray Caverns
Luray, VA
We saw the underground sites! I got a smashed penny and our tour guide was awesome.

September 25
Rock Tavern Campsite
Luray, VA
Our neighbors. I wanted to go talk to them and they just stared at me with straw hanging from their mouths.

September 26
Cyborg Room
Back at the home front and too lazy to unpack just yet. Good thing we have this funny room where we can just pile stuff up.

September 27
The harvest while we were away.

September 28
Dinner break time. Having a closing shift after not having a closing shift in about a year is weird.

September 29
Otter Cove
Weems, VA
Sunday knitting spot. Almost feels like fall except when the sun started beating down on me and made me sweat.

September 30
Carter Mountain
Charlottesville, VA
Apple picking and kid throwing. (Don't worry, we know them and all children were being thrown responsibly.)

October 1
State Fair of Virginia
Andy gave me an early birthday present. Carrot stick so I could feed Mr. Twiggs!!!! We're BFF's now.

October 2
Cooking, I mean dying, some more fabric. Only this time it's my wedding dress! 

October 3
Front yard
We decided that all important pictures from here on out will be taken on our giant stumps. Here I am in my old wedding dress/new anniversary dress! (We are about to go out for a delayed celebration dinner.)

October 4
Cyborg Room
Our Macintosh loot from apple picking. They're so excited to get baked into pies that they are hardly staying in the bowl.

October 5
And there they are, all snuggled in their crusts ready to be baked and go out into good homes.

October 6
Lewis Ginter
Afternoon dominoes at the garden. Not a bad end to a birthday week.

Here's a link to all the photos from our anniversary getaway, apple picking, state fair, and general fall-time merriment.

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  1. Hellooooo! In case you have more apples than you know what to do with and you want a simple pie with no crust, this may be just the thing. I am going apple picking with the fam and will make this first because I don't do crusts. It looks more like a cobbler. Anyway, sending love from NoVa cousins!! Happy Anniversary!! Much love, Aunt Nancy and Tobias cousins