Saturday, December 14

i feel so homey sometimes (and i like it)

October 28
Floor and Decor
Quality mother-in-law/son-in-law time. Utilizing Mom's expertise in the home decor field.

October 29
Schemmel House
Adah woke up from bed to see what we had been up to. She's still sleepy but fits right in with our carvings.

October 30
Pear bourbon tart for dinner with our neighbors. Thank you, Baked, for this recipe I love.

October 31
Grace Street
Bidding farewell to a friend and relishing the fall charm that is The Fan.

November 1
Front yard
The lone uncarved pumpkin keeps a lookout on the soggy street. It looks like he already got into one fight.

November 2
Laundry room
Just noting our old dryer before we stick a new one in it's place. Things like this remind us how far we've come and the small progresses we've made.

November 3
Under the stairs
Very serious electrical discussions going on here.

November 4
Fish dishes make working at the computer all day more fun.

November 5
Wiener dog onesie for Baby Girl Couch! Don't mind if I do give myself a pat on the back.


November 6
Back yard
The patio form is set!

November 7
Peterson House
Celebrating Bob's birthday. Friends, family, and sweets.

November 8
Back yard
The patio is poured! Don't walk on it. Side note: Cats can't read.

November 9
Chester, PA
Road trip with college buds for an international rugby game! Pretty fun.

November 10
Day after hanging out. Jojo, the master, and Dexter, the dog.

November 11
A great fall roast. So much goodness in taste (and color)!

November 12
Crunch time. Got to get this goofy snail done for my first meeting with Whitt.

November 13
Back yard
The patio is glazed! Side note: The cat prints didn't show up.

November 14
Nearly there.

November 15
Cyborg Room
Guest prep.

November 16
Adah time. 

November 17
Living Room
Whitt and his new snail. Clearly I have a problem with babies and knitted stuffed animals.

November 18
Here's a bad kitty photo. (Not a misbehaving kitty, just a poor quality photo kitty.)

November 19
U of R Culinary
This is what dinner looks like when I work at a Fall Dessert class. 

November 20
Thai Diner
I kind of like the spacey decor at this place.

November 21
Getting ready for the big day. I was not at all disappointed that I didn't have to make any pies for family Thanksgiving.

November 22
Goochland Drive-In
Pre-movie cartoons! A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I want to go to the drive-in every night of my life! Okay maybe not that much, but a couple times a year is fantastic.

November 23
Christmas crafting has begun.

November 24
I found someone's secret stash of empty sunflower seeds...

November 25
Lame. But this is what Christmastime feels like (even though Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet). Festive pj's and a fire in the stove.

November 26
Craft corner. Going to town because I love paper!

November 27
So the night before Thanksgiving was always the night you go out when you're home and you run into everyone you ever went to high school with. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in a couple years. We hung out with these bozos the night before the holiday and I felt like it was a piece of new family growing. It was cool and it made me less sad to not be in Arkansas.

November 28
Peterson House
Carving the Turkey Day...pig!

November 29

November 30
Another onesie to close it out.


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