Saturday, September 28


August 27
Back Yard
Whit came over with his truck and a chain. We no longer have an overgrown tongue in our yard!

August 28
This is what going to the garden to pick some produce results in. Approximately fifty mosquito bites between all my limbs!

August 29
Fitness Evolution Parking Lot
Car talking and eating cotton candy grapes after the gym. (Molly kept trying to throw one to me and Laura kept intercepting and stuffing them into her cheeks.)

August 30
Schemmel House
Baby Adah Loo Who loves her bath time.

August 31
Canal Walk
Touristing with the Carbonellas! Lucy and I admire our keen sense of style.

September 1
I can't imagine a better way to start off a month. Finishing (that didn't take long) a piece of red velvet cake straight from Amy's that was carried across state lines in a mini ice chest. 

September 2
Some of the neighborhood yard art. When you're going to go all out you might as well do it with flamingoes.

September 3
The clearest view to Miss Judy's house: through an empty window frame.

September 4
The second clearest view to Miss Judy's house: through brand new windows.

September 5
Kid Andy and Lydia decorations.

September 6
Brook Run Animal Clinic
Z is always the sweetest cat when we are waiting at the vet. After shots is a different story.

September 7
Richmond International Raceway
My first Nascar experience. The only way I could fit in a little better is with some camo, but I let Nate wear that shirt.

September 8
Plaza Art
Getting dye for my wedding dress. Funny short and squats.

September 9
Front Yard
Andy's new chainsaw. The one he kept saying was 25 feet long.

September 10
Back Yard
Test dying a strip of wedding dress fabric. I'd say it took the black quite nicely.

September 11
After dinner snack. Or maybe that was my dinner...

September 12
Across the Street
The other side of the fence. I don't know them but they have a Silver Bullet so that's cool.

September 13
Otter Cove
I love this spot. Dock sitting while the sun sets.

September 14
Cox's Farm Road
The one-eared donkey welcoming committee.

September 15
Old Bus Depot
My first Richmond Street Art Festival experience. Pretty rad stuff they do on the sides of old buildings.

September 16
I'll take it!

September 17
Little kitty paws on my knees.

September 18
Hilliard Road
A benefit of driving to work before night becomes day. That's a huge moon in the distance that can only be experienced first hand.

September 19
Across the Street
Molly's micro cannoli macarons. Holy cow they are so tiny and delicious! I shared them with Andy and his fingers busted up the surrounders.

September 20
Bryan Park
Testing out our bikes after a tune up with a roll through the park.

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  1. I'm going to need an 'after' shot of your wedding dress.