Wednesday, August 28

that summer, she sure does fly by

July 29
Picked up a new kitchen table and some lumber from our friends, the Vicks.

July 30
Out for a run/walk and these ladies looked right over the fence at me!

July 31
The sign of a nice evening: hundreds of dishes dirtied by your friends.

August 1
Front Room
A present came in the mail for me! I'm ready to travel internationally! 

August 2
Little tomatoes are growing everywhere! We can hardly pick them fast enough.

August 3
Going for a bamboo run in the secrets of our neighborhood.

August 4
At least early mornings at work result in many spectacular sunrise viewings.

August 5
Sweet Frog
Therapy ice cream! Super bonus: Mondays are double-punch days! We are going to earn ourselves a free yogurt in no time.

August 6
Molly and I had an epic date day, all fourteen hours of it. It concluded with macaroni and cheese, peanut m&m's, nail painting, and movie watching.

August 7
Getting ready for our mini OBX vacations! And who goes to Costco without getting a churro? People who don't know better.

August 8
Schemmel House
Hanging with the babester and the Sister.

August 9
Fall crops comin' in. We got some corn sprouts!

August 10
A big storm rolled in real fast and the lights started to flicker. I preemptively lit my pretty memorial candles and we never lost power!

August 11
Bodie Island Lighthouse, NC
We made it to OBX vacations nice and early Sunday morning. Nothing like greeting the day at a lighthouse.

August 12
Frisco, NC
Stud Andy rides the waves like it ain't no thang. (That wave really doesn't look like anything.)

August 13
Frisco, NC
Stud Levi actually does ride the waves quite well. And on a surfboard.

August 14
Frisco, NC
Clearly we spent the majority of our time just hanging out in the water. I'm ready for this wave to smack me upside the head.

For the compete OBX Beach Vacations 2013 with the Smiths, click here!

August 15
Met up with old friends who just moved back to Richmond for some beers and a lot of food-truck food.

August 16
Sitting in the sculpture garden for some reflection time. 

August 17
I spent the first half of my day at Whole Foods work (4am-12pm) and the second half of my day eating teddy grahams, drinking coffee, and keyboarding.

August 18
Enough dehydrated peppers to make all of our food spicy for an entire year. Thank you Whitten's for letting us dig these out of your compost pile.

August 19
Butcher Block
Andy had an accident and it resulted in a head injury to Hooter. I'm devastated, Loni. Andy already emailed Anthro to see if they had any loose heads lying around and they don't. For now Hooter will just face forward and no one will know. 

August 20
Front Room
The result of not wanting to put pants on but wanting to leave the blinds up. Thank goodness my friends got me this rainbow mumu.

August 21
Schemmel House
Adah likes knocking down towers of blocks.

August 22
The Diamond
Date night at the Flying Squirrels Game. I can't believe we waited this long to see some baseball this summer.

August 23
Andy's sleeping head. You can tell he's not really sleeping because he's kind of smiling.

August 24
Pizza! Everything except the crust, cheese, and garlic came from ours and one other persons garden! Yay for feeding ourselves delicious homegrown food!

August 25
Front Porch
Enjoying our morning coffee and hummingbird friends. They are the coolest to watch. I think we only have two regulars so far.

August 26
Subfloor dance! If you like it then should've put a ring on it!

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