Thursday, July 5

And then June was over

June 10
Living Room
Andy bought a coconut to drink.

June 11
Attic Closet
The final, in-my-possession dress. 

June 12
Kitchen Table
Those dough balls are full of graham cracker, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. When you can't build a fire, use an oven.

June 13
Patterson Ave.
I made Andy turn around and go the opposite direction so we could stop for these geese crossing the road. I love animals that don't belong on city streets.

June 14
Church Hill
Somebody built a little village at the foot of this tree. There's a pumpkin house and tiny people and animals.

June 15
Bryan Park
Taking exercise and kicking the ol' rugby ball around. Then we went to the grocery store and ran into an old friend I played rugby with in college! Way to tie it all together, universe.

June 16
Lowe's Parking Lot
That dog is driving! Okay, the car is parked so he's not driving, but I imagine he would be pretty good at it if he was.

June 17
Park Ave.
Find the cat! I wouldn't mind that perch either.

June 18
Living Room
A little bit more wedding stuff: guest book stars. Wait for it.

June 19
Sister's House
Breaking in baby's toys. Aquatic-themed finger puppets are clearly my favorite.

June 20
Cary Street
Watermelon wall art.

June 21
Andy and I (well, Tom too before he got a flat tire) went for a bike ride to a little town he used to live in. These flowers probably weren't there when he was a boy, but they are some of the wackiest I have ever seen! Like giant tickle sticks.

June 22
Sam and Meg got married and there were crabs to pick and a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth. I picked crabs for others to enjoy the meat and Andy took a bite of the pig's apple. Sickening.

June 23
Elise's house
Sister's baby shower provided gems like this.

June 24
Big storms = power outage at home and at closest grocery store = out to dinner = spotting this awesome license plate.

June 25
Engine 2
Power still out and really we probably would have gone out to dinner anyway because Mom was in town and this was her last night. Yes, this is my plate. That is a real veggie burger with real bacon on top. Also, our power came back when we got home that evening.

June 26
Larkum House
Celebrating Kevin and Cowan's birthdays at potluck.

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