Saturday, July 7

there's a new babe in my life

June 28
Dining Room
Bourbon pear tart round two. I could easily go for a round three, four, five, and six if I had the time.

June 29
To me this was still June 28, but I kind of wanted proof that I am capable of staying up past midnight still. Went to see some music with a friend and it was a good time.

June 30
Washington D.C.
I picked Julia up from the bus and on our way out of town we saw this! Poor Tundra. It made me thankful that all we lost was our power and nothing else.

July 1
Thank you Walmart of Kilmarnock for allowing us the opportunity to buy the best Fourth of July T-shirts ever. They are so good we couldn't wait to wear them.

July 2
Dining Room
Peaches and creme fraiche pie round one made with local roadside stand peaches! I did make a round two, and I could have gone for more. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are driving through the night because...

July 3
Isn't it funny how much can change in a day. I went from baking a pie to meeting my first niece, Adah Lucille. She is four weeks early. I am pretty sure that means she was so excited to meet me that she couldn't stand it any longer.

July 4
I wanted to make sure Adah was featured with the kitty shirt on Independence Day. This way when she's older and looking at her baby photos she will surely say, "My favorite aunt is so cool."

July 5
Those cream puffs from Aziza's are worth eating.

July 6
Dining room
My dad after he ripped the sleeves off his shirt (intentionally). Then we sat down, listened to five songs closely, and picked which one he would walk me down the aisle to. Wearing that shirt. I kid. (About the shirt.)


  1. Congratulations, Lyd. Your niece is beautiful! Being an aunt is just the best :)

  2. Could your life get any better! I mean, ... new niece, visit from Dad and Mom, 2 yummy looking pies, kitty "T" shirt...I mean, really? REALLY? Luckiest niece EVER!!