Saturday, June 16

When the Kelly's took over Dauphin Island

June 2
Dauphin Island, AL
First steps on the beach Saturday afternoon. Man, I love this place.

June 3
Walking to one of the other houses to have cake for my cousin's birthday.

June 4
Andy got some awesome new sunglasses and I already had some awesome glasses. And it's a good thing we snapped this picture because mine broke later that day.

Ellis happened to be wearing awesome sunglasses (and a similar face) also.

I realize I am now up to showing three pictures for one day so sue me. But speaking of awesome, we had a beach Olympics for the little kids. Here they are sack racing in several of my old pillow cases. It's like a glimpse into the stages of my life based on my bedding choices.

June 5
Aboard the Lady Ann
Ten of us went on a ten-hour deep sea fishing adventure. Most survived.

These are the little fish that we caught and did not keep. (That might have been the only fish that Adam caught, come to think of it.)

These are the big fish that we caught and did keep. The red snapper were practically asking us if they could come on the boat.

June 6
Island Rainbow
Hands down the best snow cone one will ever have. I was trying to get Andy to express this, but since he only eats weird flavors I don't think he got it.

June 7
Island Rainbow again
Us regulars totally get it though.

June 8
Fort Gaines
There is a fort on this tiny island and it costs six dollars to get in so we admired the outer wall and I got a penny from the penny machine in the gift shop. Win.

June 9
Mobile Museum of Art
We had some time before our flight so we went to the museum. Totally worth it, even in the torrential downpour that was threatening to wash us away. This is a close up of acrylic on canvas.

If you care to see more of my family vacation, look here. I'm just going to give a little background first. And by first, I mean last. My mom's family has been coming to this beach for about 25 years now. (I was so young when we started that I don't really remember.) This year we might have broken our record with attendees, getting up in the high seventies. All aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids, Grandma, and Papa John. And some might think a family vacation of this magnitude would be terrifying. 
But no, it was absolutely fantastic.

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