Saturday, June 2

This whole thing is memorial

May 20
This is one of those Oh-No-I'm-Going-To-Bed-And-I-Haven't-Taken-A-Photo Photos. But I will tell you about this mobile anyway. Mom and I got it in San Diego almost two years ago when I drove from New York to Richmond via California.

May 21
Sister's Couch
If I ever have to go on bed rest, I'm going to recruit Eddie to keep me company.

May 22
My naked hydrangeas. So anxious to see what color they will be!

May 23
Kitchen Table
Potluck theme tonight: Michael Jordan. Food: strawberry rhubarb pie because it is Andy's favorite and we got fresh strawberries at the Farmer's Market this morning. Why it has a face: because Michael Jordan had a face. (He still does.)

May 24
Sister's Couch, again
The bed rest comment from earlier was because Sister is on bed rest. I'm doing my best to keep her company and make bad suggestions for movies to Netflix. Now we are video chatting with our mom.

May 25
Living Room
I worked at a cake modeling class and got to make this little splayed out horse with fondant. Not really my cup of tea, but I was happy to give it a try.

May 26
Neighborhood Across the Street
Sometimes the sky is so pretty blue that that's all you need. This branchy tree was exciting too.

May 27
Sister's Backyard
These are not my hydrangeas! I just wanted to make it clear how far behind mine are. (They have started blooming now (as in June 1), btw.)

May 28
Bedroom Floor
Remnants of Andy's Memorial Day attire. He loves America.

May 29
I am not allowed to post the picture for this day yet because it is a gift that needs to be given. I will stick it in here retroactively when I'm allowed.

May 30
I was about to turn onto our street when I saw this guy on the yellow lines in the middle of the road. I parked my car and got out to help. He still had to go halfway and I didn't want his trek to end tragically. I tell you though, when I was approaching him, he started running fast.

May 31
Lewis Ginter
We went to see Carbon Leaf at the garden. It was a lovely evening for an outdoor show.

June 1
Bedroom Floor
I was so excited for vacations I almost forgot to take a picture!

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