Tuesday, May 22

WHAM! Now that's a word I should use more often.

May 7
Main and Plumb
On the way to meet friends, I saw this guy. Not hard to miss, one might say, since he is covering the entire wall, but it's funny how we can look at something like this and not think it's anything special. But it is because it's huge and somebody painted it.

May 8
Canal Walk
Now these I came to see on purpose. Not specifically legs sticking out of a target, but all the murals that are painted on the flood wall. Worth it.

May 9
Dining Room
Preparing for potluck. Theme: WHAM! And that is what we said when we ate this.

May 10
Bellevue neighborhood
Sometimes I drive to other neighborhoods to take walks because they have different things to offer than my neighborhood. Like this charming door.

May 11
Freezing bananas!

May 12
The Diamond
First game of the season. (For me, not the Squirrels.) And we rode our bikes there. It was fun.

May 13
Living Room
A picture of pictures. I made my thank you cards, now if I could only write them....

May 14
Neighbors driveway
Andy and his brother were organizing the two garages we use, neither of which are ours. We could totally have a group costume involving pitchforks and axes next year for Halloween.

May 15
Yep, that's in my kitchen, not outside in nature where giant spiders belong. And not just any giant spider, a black widow. In the spinach that we got from a friend's garden. That I was washing with my hands. I could have died.

May 16
Room 450
Not quite enough space to do a puzzle, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

May 17
The Boat House
We can look nice when we have to. 

May 18
The River
First trip of the season down to the dock.

May 19
The River
Today's project: remove that engine from that sailboat and start taking it apart. That wasn't really my project, but I watched a little bit and then I took a nap.

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