Monday, May 7

baby! wedding! yippee! (mom's chalkboard greeting)

April 21
Main Street
We went to hear Sir Ken Robinson and Rafe Esquith talk about education at the Richmond Forum. It's a pretty beautiful place inside.

April 22
We are breaking all rules and using this one wedding gift. Why? Because it is the best kitchen appliance since velcro. 

April 23
Dining Room
Next year's Halloween costume: Andy and his mom as siamese twins.

April 24
Dining Room
Snacks for the road trip. We are not messing around AT ALL.

April 25
Johnson City, TN
We stayed with some dear friends for the night (one reason it is worth driving to AR). This was in a window display at the place across the street from where we ate pizza.

April 26
Nashville, TN
While we were driving from Richmond to Little Rock, my cousin and her husband were driving from Little Rock to Richmond. We met in Nashville for lunch! These are not my cousins, but window washers, which we would not have seen had it not been for the meet up.

April 27
Downtown Little Rock, AR
We spent the morning touring the walking bridges and Heifer International before picking up Sister from the airport and going on a field trip to taste pie.

April 28
My Parent's Kitchen
A quick explanation for this trip: Sister had a baby shower and I had a bridal shower. Done. 
These mustache hooks might have been the best part of our loot. (Not that everything else wasn't fantastic also. For real.)

April 29

The Compound
This is our wedding tree. Picking this spot was the main goal of our weekend.

April 30
I-40 East
We probably won't be back in Arkansas until September. Later, gator.

May 1
Cave City, KY
We pulled up to the Wigwam Village in the middle of a pretty intense lightening storm at 11 pm the previous night. I don't think I've ever been so excited for lodging! We spent a good bit of the day at Mammoth Cave National Park and then finished our drive to Richmond around 3 am the next morning.

May 2
Front Door
My friend Mimi made this bird for us. I think it looks great with our National Geographic Yellow door.

May 3
Petina Grill
After a dress pinning, Elisabeth and I went out to dinner to celebrate. I'm not sure most people celebrate a successful appointment with the seamstress, but Elisabeth thought it worthy and I can't say I minded.

May 4
Alamo BBQ
I can't resist giant things. Or tiny things for that matter.

May 5
Kitties are a good scale. Andy's sweater progress. I'm afraid I'm only halfway done with the torso. Great googily, he might be lucky if it's done by Christmas 2013.

May 6
So I've just given away the secret of my grandma life when Andy is either at work or sleeping because he was up all night at work. I knit (slowly) and watch movies. It's okay if this happens two nights in a row.

If I didn't bore you enough, take a look at these. It's all the photos from The First and Only Trip to Arkansas to do Wedding Stuff.

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