Saturday, April 21

We bought the ostrich egg!

April 3
Front yard
Who is in this photo? My mom. How long has she been in town? Ten minutes. What is she doing? Starting a project.

April 4
Sister's Dining Room
My mom did not drive fifteen hours alone. She had dozens of tiny companions.

April 5
That is an ostrich egg and it is in my cart, swaddled by my hoodie. It's most definitely tough enough that it didn't need to be swaddled, but I was being an overprotective buyer. We had some friends over for brunch and that was the only excuse I needed to splurge on an overpriced, oversized egg! Umm, it was awesome.

April 6
Kitchen table
Homemade cinnamon rolls after their second rise. I didn't wake up early enough to make these for brunch and I think that was a good call because we didn't have to share them with as many people.

April 7
Front yard
Yes, Mom is still in town. Here is more of her project-ing. Nicely lined and mulched flower bed with transplant daffodils from the backyard. And National Geographic yellow shudders and front door.

April 8
That's my phone
I don't know why this got on my computer when I uploaded photos, but it's okay that it did because I apparently didn't take a picture on Easter. Oopsy daisy.

April 9

Another fail. To my credit, I was only awake for about three hours this day. I got sick the night before and was up all night with the gross stuff. It was also Mom's last day so it was a bummer to sleep through most of that.

April 10
Living Room
Z likes to take naps on our stereo receiver. It can't be too good for it with her massive amounts of shedding hair, but she'll probably bite if I try to move her.

April 11
Northside Grill
Andy and I went out for a little bite. This iron (or some metal) pig made a neat shadow above us.

April 12
Dining room
It was kind of fun to just chomp down on the bunny's ears. Not to mention the troll in the ostrich egg in the background.

April 13
Last effort to make taxes more bearable. This woman made it entertaining also.

April 14
Kroger parking lot
Yes, I said parking lot. The best chocolate milk ever was on super sale (I should've bought two). because it was going out of date on the 15th. A challenge? Hardly. I didn't even wait until I left the premises to start drinking.

April 15
Kitchen counter
I got some fresh pasta from the culinary school. I rolled it out and filled it with delicious butternut squash puree stuff and made ravioli!

April 16
Front yard
I take this picture a lot because I sit on the front porch a lot. This time I was experimenting with Hipstamatic.

April 17
I've been wanting to try this place out so I treated myself to lunch after swim lessons. It's always a challenge (for me) dining alone. I tend to eat to fast and hurry the whole process along. I didn't do that this time, but I did look at my phone way too much.

April 18
Dining room
I wanted to make a rainbow cake so I did! It looks homemade...

April 19
Dining room
Last ditch photo effort. I will say, the lines, patterns, and evidence of life come together nicely.

April 20
Monument Ave.
I have finally seen a carstache in real life!!!

I had to do a two-parter because our iris is looks professionally grown.

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