Monday, June 6

going back makes me feel like i never left

June 1
MacArthur and Greycourt
I decided to leave my neighborhood for a Thursday morning walk before work. I mostly liked the periwinkle colored waves painted onto the sea green shed.

June 2
Apex bus stop.
The white truck in the background is the local NBC news truck. I guess they wanted to see how many people were crazy enough to take the Chinatown bus.

June 3
The Penny Farthing
Seriously you just never know. For instance, people who walk around with rats on their shoulder and then eat avocados and ask to borrow the salt of your neighbors table.

June 4
I've lost my ability to remember street names in Brooklyn. Maybe Flatbush...
Walking home after a day in the park with friends. Sigh, I loved it.

June 5
Madison Square Park
When you decide to get Shake Shack amazing things happen. Like seeing this giant sculpture that looked flat and 3-D at the same time. Total mind blow.

These pictures, the ones taken in New York specifically, are only the tip of fun and weird things.
More bulk is here.

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