Wednesday, June 29

flowers, food, and knitting: i swear i'm not that old

June 19
Carytown parking lot
Gone for a Mexican dinner with Abe. Here's where we parked the car.

June 20
kitchen counter
Pining after the beach by pretending I am this little girl swimming in seltzer water. Bubbles and all.

June 21
kitchen counter, again
After talking about baking for hours on the drive from Dauphin Island to Little Rock with Mom, I had my itch. These are chocolate chip made with yogurt instead of egg. Super soft and fluffy!

June 22
Ha, kitchen counter, again again!
How I love some fresh pens. Thanks to Gulia for my super mail surprise!

June 23
office ottoman
Funny leery kitty. I think I'm going to name him Mr. Monocle. He looks like he should have one.

June 24
Brown's Island
As the train goes by, Sharon Jones and her Dap Kings sing on.

June 25
Sister's backyard
Beautiful hydrangeas. She also had tomatoes and okra and peppers and eggplant!

June 26
Just guess where I took this photo.
I like to separate my ingredients into bowls. It's organized and colorful.

June 27
living room couch
This project has been about three years in the making. I just keep not doing it. Any ideas on what it will be?

June 28
mixing bowl...on the kitchen counter.
A magnificently smooth meringue.

June 29
front sidewalk
For this frozen raspberry pie. (Yes, I took it outside to take it's picture.)

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