Tuesday, May 31

somebody's world was made today

May 17
Patterson and Parham
Crazy storms one second and sunny skies the next. We win with a double rainbow. (You can't see the double part very well.)

May 18
I helped stack that pile behind me and now I will help split the wood for the next one. You can see my aim is on but my strength is not.

May 19
An example of what credit card points can redeem. If you can't afford a plane ticket to Belgium at least you can eat their waffles at home!

May 20
Meadow at Lewis Ginter
My last day of contributing sticks to the monster sculpture.

May 21
Meadow at Lewis Ginter
After the toast to the volunteers and Patrick (the artist) I saw this cute sight and it reminded me of that movie I'm always trying to think of, but might not ever be able to. (And it's not Fly Away Home if you were going to suggest that.)

May 22
office window
Z's new favorite spot. I like it, too, because when I work she keeps me company.

May 23
That wood pile behind me that I helped stack.

May 24
Saguaro National Park
Okay, so this may be a cheater. I did not actually take this photo today (but it would have been cool if I had been able to go to Tucson for a minute that Tuesday), but I did apply this invert when messing around on my PhotoShop. I like the colors and it reminded me of one heck of a good day back in September.

May 25
my chair at the Scuba Center
Reading a book (Sailing Around the World Alone) that my uncle let me borrow while wearing a skirt that my aunt (his wife) gave me.

May 26
Lewis Ginter
Nanci Griffith on stage, lots of strangers in the grass.

May 27
The conclusion to a date-filled day.

May 28
the rivah (that's how the locals say it)
Relaxing in my (for the moment) hammock while Sam watches the greens on the grill.

May 29
a different rivah (Potomac to be more exact)
My first experience with picking crabs. After watching a few rounds I tried it out for myself. Not eating, just picking. I made a nice pile of meat for Andy.

May 30
Old Stump Road (I think)
Halfway through my bike ride with Elisabeth. Not too shabby for a Memorial Day morning.

May 31
my phone
If you can read that, it is the frequent updates on the arrival of MAP (that's Margaret Alice Parrish)! What a way to end the month!

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