Tuesday, May 17

two weeks. i blinked. they went.

May 3
kitchen counter
Cigar boxes make great baked goods transporters.

May 4
some property in Hanover County
I've been helping with a project at the garden called Meadowmorphosis. This was in the beginning stages and we were harvesting sweet gum and maple saplings. I'll also say that it rained chilly rain ninety percent of the time and by the end my jeans were ready to fall off from being so weighty with soakedness.

May 5
Carver's living room
Baxter sitting on the couch with us after potluck.

May 6
The Conservatory peaks over the wild flower hill.

May 7
I worked on the scaffolding and weaved sticks to make a wall.

May 8
church parking lot
These church people are funny!

May 9
dining room
Andy's sick eyes. Literally, he had a really nasty infection.

May 10
Again, I helped weave sticks into the walls.

May 11
living room wall
My parents are on a sailboat right now in the pretty blue ocean. How is this related? I got it on the island of St. Kitt's when I was on a sailboating trip with them. I was thinking about them, missing them, and hoping they are having a wonderful time.

May 12
my neighborhood
Kristin and I traded face time for walk and talk. Not only did I get to start the day talking to a dear friend, but I got to watch things wake up. I saw five bunny rabbits!

May 13
off River Road
A guy comes into the dive shop and says, "I need to rent someone in a wetsuit for fifteen minutes..." So I changed the drain cover on this residential pool.

May 14
Scuba Center counter
I guess work on a Saturday could be worse. I was secretly glad that it was raining off and on all day since I was stuck inside.

May 15
We tried to enter a contest to win tons of money to redo the backyard. Clearly it needs it. I don't remember if I mentioned this previously, but I learned how to chop wood with an ax!

May 16
I told you I was spending more time at the garden helping with this.

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