Friday, September 10

the final farewell

To start this thing called a blog off, I'm going to have to backtrack and do a couple of rapid postings. Because I want to start at the beginning of the change, which is the end of living in New York.


My last days were tough. Trying to figure out how to fit in all those one last times.
So I chose Coney Island as my grand finale, one last looksee.
It was just as good as the first time. And there was mango on a stick.

first time

mango on a stick

I knew there would never be enough time to do it all one last time and even if there was, one last time still wouldn't be enough. So we packed up the truck and the trailer and it looked a little bit like this:

Like a professional packed it and like an amateur drew the picture.

Pulling away was really hard because it meant actually saying goodbye. I am sure most people have done this at some point with someone, so you know what it is like. If not, I will tell you, it is never easy, no matter how ready you think you are. If you want to make it worse, add a meowing cat to the mix. She couldn't help it and she eventually settled down.

But we drove, the sun set, and we made it to Virginia at 2 am.

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