Monday, September 27


Well, my time in Tucson was pretty exceptional, though it already feels like it was a long time ago!

I drove up just in time for Beefers' performance at the Fall Equinox festival on Wednesday night (that's a now 9 days ago). Brittany is part of a hoop troop called Orbital Evolution and they are blinged out with LED hoops, which look super fantastic in the dark!

Hoop Trooper Zoey. Hoop Trooper Beefers making a force field.

And two other Troopers. Hoop, not Highway.)

Fire also looks super fantastic in the dark! There were several fire throwers and Beefers did the fire hoop.

There was also a drum circle, trapeze artist, and acro-balancers. All in all, an entertaining evening.

So I'm sorry this might be kind of a lame posting. It's my own dang fault for letting so much time pass. I'll do my best.

Beefer's parents were in town also which was a nice treat. We did a lot of fun things.

Like, go to Josh's coffee roastary. (Josh is Beefer's boyfriend and coffee roasting is what he and his family do.)

Different bags from different places. This old roaster went to the market.

And go to Saguaro National Park, where the saguaro's were huge and the landscape looks like the ocean floor. I also found a piece of cactus skeleton that looks like a gun. I might have taken it.

It's like I was the sheriff of the park. We're getting fake-poked!

We went to two different farmer's markets where josh and his family sell their roasted coffee.

Saturday market. You can't really see, but that's them: Adventure Roasting.

At the Glow Festival, Beefer's hoop troop performed again. This time it was out of town a little bit at this woman's ranch. She opens it up to artists and performers, all with glowing things. We decked ourselves out in glow sticks and I wore a little cape with shiny sequins. I didn't get a picture so you'll have to use your imagination for that one.

Somebody lit up that bull head. Legs sticking out of the ground!

Orbital Evolution at it again!

On Monday we drove up the mountain (I can't remember which one because Tucson is tucked between three different little ranges). It was, would you believe it, a beautiful drive. We stopped off along the way for some vistas and did a little hiking.

Eleanor Rigby, Josh, Beefers Little rocks in a row.

Jacque, Beefs, Josh, and Big D.

And one of the top highlights was, of course, meeting Christopher Winston III (or is it Winston Christopher III...). I think we became best friends and I think I want to get one because goats can wear bowties.

Eleanor and Winston.
I might have some competition.

But don't we look like we're meant to be together?

P.S. Beefer's is Brittany and we met in the fourth grade. We managed to become dear friends, laugh at everything, and put chocolate on our teeth at every inappropriate opportunity.

We like to say, "Go big or go home."

P.P.S. Here are all Tucson photos.

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