Tuesday, September 21

Denver is...

the Mile High City. It’s 5000 feet in the air!

I made a mistake when I said Nancy and I drove and got here on Friday. It was really Thursday. Oops. I don’t know what day it is, what date it is, and pretty soon I might not know what month it is.

The first few days were at Pam’s house. She’s is a cousin on my dad’s side for all of you who don’t know her. On Friday morning we went to breakfast at this super place called Snooze. Pam said, “It says on the internet that you can wear your pajamas!” Nancy and I respond, “Well, heck, why not? Who doesn’t like to eat a big breakfast while wearing their pajamas?” We wanted to get there early because it is known and it gets busy quick. After we all showered and put our pajamas back on, we went. [Note: approaching the restaurant we see a girl in those black, kind of work-out, kind of around-the-house pants and think okay, pj’s. Oh, contraire! As soon as we walk in the restaurant and the hostess comes to seat us, she says, “Is there a special occasion for the pajamas?” We look at Pam and around at all the normal clothed people, giggle sheepishly, and say no.

The food was delicious and we were probably the most comfortable ones there.

my pancakes. duh. pam's breakfast burrito nan's sandwich

Pam had to go to work for a little while in the afternoon so Nancy and I ventured out on our own.

We started with the Mile High Market in Henderson, where they boast tons of shops, antiques, fleas, and farmers. It was basically like an outdoor pop-up mall with most things you could ever not want. There was a pretty spectacular farmers market section. And the fleas/antiques section was basically a garage sale lot. Nancy did manage to find a cool bag and I found a really early edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (for One Dollar!)

We left and Justin led us to downtown. It was mostly just a walk around, check out a few places, eat lunch sort of time. I did have a really good homemade veggie burger. (It was not a Morning Star black bean burger.)

We walked around and checked out16th Street Mall, which is just a normal street but closed to traffic aside from a city bus that runs up and down it.

16th street mall

We went to this incredible bookstore called Tattered Cover. I am sorry I didn’t snap a photo of the inside because it was beautiful and made of wood and cozy. I browsed the kids section, missed my job and the people, then carried on.

That evening, we hung out at Pam’s place and just enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit.

On Saturday Pam and I dropped Nancy off at the airport in the morning and then went to climb a mountain. NBD. We are in Colorado and there are mountains everywhere. It’s what people do. People who live here.

It was hard. And it was incredible. We went up the 13,500-high Mount Parnassus

aspens! the crick down the mountain. nearly there. thank goodness.

The great thing about climbing a mountain is that it just keeps getting more beautiful the higher you get. And that while you’re hiking you forget to look up and when you do, it’s breathtaking. Partly because of the altitude-y workout and mostly because of the view.

top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top

We were pretty proud of ourselves and rewarded us with a mountain pizza (that’s what it’s called) from BeauJo’s.

BeauJo's mountain pizza. look at that crust! Idaho Springs

That evening, the altitude headaches kicked in and we went to bed.

Sunday was another beautiful day (I hadn’t said that yet, but the weather just kept being perfect). Pam and I went to her church and then went for a bike ride on the Cherry Creek Trail. We took it from her house to where the Platte River meets up with downtown.

On the way home, Pam got a flat tire. She took my bike, rode ahead, and came back for me.

The Mile High City Part II

I moved to Matt and Naomi’s house on Sunday afternoon. They are cousins also, but on my mom’s side. I was greeted with warm hugs and big smiles by all, including Zenobia the dog.

Nila in the tree

We went to a little street fair almost right away to check out some hula hoops their friend was making and selling, then chilled with a glass of wine.

Matt made his grandpa’s famous spaghetti for dinner and their friend April came over with her mom’s (seemed famous to me) tres leches cake. Man, it was a good evening, company and otherwise.

Monday morning I had a big date at Lucille’s Creole Cafe. With Roxanne! My roommate from college! Who I hadn’t seen in over three years! We’re idiots for letting so much time pass. It was such a lovely catch-up and then we went to her house and I got to see her mother for a few minutes! I love old friends.

roomies and mates!

The rest of the day was spent at Bear Creek Lake with Naomi and the kids and Jenn and her son, Mason. The sun never really came out from behind the clouds, but it was still sunny and it was never a scorcher. Ideal in my book.

the kiddos!

Matt, Naomi, and I went out for an adult dinner that evening. There wasn’t really anything particularly adult about it aside from the lack of kids. The place was called Water Course and it was strictly vegetarian and my BBQ tofu was superb!

It was a great cap to a great stay in a great city with great people. Just great. Ha.

Full set of photos here.

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