Thursday, July 14

corn fed

June 1
Oh how time flies. I feel like even more so with the second one. This guy is showing us more and more personality every day. Especially how serious he likes to be in photos.

June 2
ARC Park
It took Leena about 45 minutes to warm up but once she did I couldn't get her off the slide. It took food bribing to finally get her back in the car.

June 3
Securing the floor on the upper level, one screw at a time.

June 4
Lewis Ginter
Our first splash pad experience since last summer when Leena was just barely a crawler. Safe to say she's enjoying it (and being able to run and her swimsuit that is too small. Ha.)

Living Room
The fairness game. Jonah boy deserves to make an appearance also.

June 5
Lewis Ginter
Andy was at work yesterday and I didn't want him to miss this excitement first hand. (We also wore a swimsuit that fit.)

June 6
Bott House
This is the kind of day we have when Andy is not around. Major explosions.

And major meltdowns. To be fair, she went to the doctor the next day and had an ear infection.

June 7
Changing Table
It might be the pink towel, but I think Jonah looks like Leena here. I haven't compared early photos yet, but this makes me want to even more.

June 8
Neighbor Ben and Katie's
Everyone is helping to dig the water main out but Jonah and I. We are relaxing on a blanket, watching everyone sweat, and drinking beer.

June 9
Living Room
I was having a really rough morning a couple weeks ago. The result: Kiki booked a flight for as soon as she could get out here. At least Porter is excited about it. JK. We all are.

June 10
Cheesecake Factory
These two. After the fact, I told Kiki that was my first time out to dinner with both kids. It went pretty well and several people commented how cute Jonah was. Duh!

June 11
ARC Park
Right before she scooted over to be on the same side as Dad.

June 12
Front Yard
Looks like a perfect summer day over here!

June 13
Three Lakes Park
Checking out some new territory today. And I'm glad we did because there are great walking trails, lots of nature, and an awesome playground.

Sweet 95
Kiki put us all to shame with her order. A banana split meant to feed a family of seven. At least. I think it took her a week to eat the entire thing.

June 14
Back Patio
Corn fed. Truck box sittin'.

June 15
Front Yard
I don't know why I even get out paper...

June 16
Front Yard
Leena won't let anyone rest.

June 17
Schemmel House
A huge storm came through last night and hit Lakeside really hard. This is my sister's neighbor's tree. Luckily it fell away from the house! They had to chainsaw a car-sized path so people could get in and out of the neighborhood.

June 18
Otter Cove
We escaped our dark, hot house for some beautiful river weather. (Oh yeah, we lost power Thursday night.)

June 19
Otter Cove
Happy Father's Day to the only guy I could ever imagine sharing my life and kids with. She loves him so much.

Front Yard
Jonah is still skeptical.

June 20
Quinby, VA
Andy drove out to the Eastern Shore to pick up a few things. This was the back yard he was working in.

June 21
Daylily Dan's
Andy tipped us off to this place so Sister and I took the boys on a stroll to check it out. Hundreds (probably thousands) of daylilies!

June 22
Great Father's Day gift from Ducky! First of many days, I'm sure, that we will spend here.

June 23
Cyborg Room
The greatest gift these days, though, is simultaneous napping! I had enough time to lay out the quilt I'm making for Leena's birthday. Next up sewing, which I am really bad at.

June 24
La Casita
This dingy-looking Mexican restaurant right up the street is the best I've had since living in Richmond! And it looks like the Indian restaurant in the East Village!

June 25
Living Room
All the entertainment he needs is right there at the end of his legs. Thank goodness.

June 26
Back Yard
Our beautiful hydrangea bush surprises me every year with it's resilience. I always think, "Surely we killed it this time."

June 27
Let's hope this isn't a foreshadow for Leena's future...

June 28
Living Room
Tummy time all around. Leena's happy little (blurry) face and Andy's proud papa face are so cute.

June 29
Lavender Farm
We had a really great family day then date night. Spent the morning getting a tour of the lavender farm, then Leena took a 4.5 hour nap, then Andy and I went out on a date for the first time in many months. Most adult I've felt in a long time!

June 30
ARC Park
I wish Andy could retire because I really love his days off and being able to do family (and friend) activities. We met Molly and Alice at the park for the morning.

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