Friday, June 24

mr. big lips

May 1
The wingspan on this guy! He also takes being one month very seriously. Probably because being a second child and surviving one month is pretty serious.

May 2
Living Room
Brother and Sister. Neither is sure about the other just yet.

May 3
When you're in a wedding and don't have brown dress shoes, you borrow your dad's.


May 4
Living Room
Two of the cutest pairs of booties I ever saw. (Leena was wearing the green and blue ones when she was about four months old. Jonah is already stretching them out. Big feet. Big hands. Big lips.)

May 5
The Stumps
Our neighborhood woodpecker! Haven't seen him since...

May 6
Manheim, PA
If central Pennsylvania wasn't so far away I would take every Sunday drive there. The fields, the barns, the horse and buggies. It's too much.

May 7
Manheim, PA
A little college reunion while we celebrate Mike and Kristen! It's nice to have relationships that age well.

May 8
Somebody partied so hard at the wedding they forgot to take their tie off.

May 9
Back home and back at it. Balancing fun and work.



May 10
I'm happy when she finds something that will entertain her for more than ten minutes. In this case it's compacted mud in the driveway.

May 11
Helping each other out because teeth brushing is hard work. (I'm pretty sure she's sticking my toothbrush in Andy's mouth though.)

May 12
Living Room
Alice and Jonah doing what they do best: being cute baby friends.

May 13
At the end of our street there's a fence that is pretty tacky. This is right up there in the "things that can entertain Leena for more than ten minutes so I'm okay with it" category. She slowly makes her way down the line, spinning all the pinwheel flowers and touching all the signs.

May 14
Front Yard
Cousin Day! Why we waited so long into Sister's maternity leave to do one of these is beyond me. We made and decorated cookies, went on a nature walk (kind of), played with bubbles, had rest time, ate lunch, played with balloons, and wore matching outfits.

May 15
Cronk House
Celebrating the engagement of the Boehmer-Heimers with friends and a lovely outdoor meal. So Parenthood.


May 16
Lewis Ginter
Looks like she's given up. She's actually rolling through the sand pit, resulting in sand in every pore of her body despite being fully clothed.

May 17
Living Room
It's all about fairness now. One picture of Jonah, one picture of Leena. Or maybe I just can't choose between the two of them.


Libby Mill

May 18
Day date with my mens while Leena hangs with Ducky!

May 19
Skylight holes, check!

May 20
Kerr Place
Onancock, VA
Matryoshka trees.


May 21
All gussied up for Sarah and Jude's wedding. This is our best family photo attempt. Win.

May 22
Quinby, VA
These two! After many hours in the car and a long weekend together, Abe really gets Leena and she really gets him. She woke up every morning asking for him.

May 23
Finally made it back to RVA and taking a little break before the final leg of our journey across town.

May 24
Another one of those one to one days. 
So much fun playing with the otters in the Nature Center.

Living Room
Someone is starting to show off his handsome grin.

May 25
Family walk. Leena is sporting her new hat, which happened to match the shirt she was wearing. She is also sporting a golfball booby.

May 26
Living Room
Real glad she likes to wear her hat so much for all these sunny days ahead. Not to mention how necessary it is when she is riding her tractor. Inside.


May 27
Living Room
Can't get enough of these two next to each other. I think for all future photos together they should lay on the ground next to each other. Mr. Big Lips and Mr. Big Cheeks.

May 28
The Stumps
A passing through visit with one of my oldest friends and her family. A couple hours with a dear one can fill the heart like no other!

May 29
The Stumps
Lichens and stuff.

May 30
Lewis Ginter
The Lego exhibit is up and totally worth the visit. Especially this display! I know she's my kid, but she's so much fun to look at!

May 31
Berg-Keo House
Super babies! The his/her edition.

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