Monday, March 7

marshmallow face

February 1
Wikler House
Washington, DC
Leena and Suzy Lynn look thrilled to be hanging out on a Monday morning. (They were.)

February 2
This is pretty much where I spent the day (orange yak bowl in the corner). These two popped in for the occasional cheer up/feel better visit.

February 3
No longer the sick bed; now the play bed. (With clean sheets, I might add.)

February 4
This is how we go fishing on rainy days. Let's be honest, we never go fishing on sunny days either.

February 5
Thirty-three weeks and counting! Maybe my belly did a lot of stretching or something, but these last couple weeks have been the most uncomfortable. And Tuco is super active. Mostly at night. Which is fun and a little nerve-racking. (Read: What are we in for?!?)

February 6
Leena slacking on the job. Usually it's the other way around, but she forgot her gloves.

February 7
Chopping peppers. So pretty.

February 8
We might not have a lot of space, but packing friends around the kitchen table is a great way to spend the evening.

February 9
Sick of pouches and cheerios for Leena's go-snacks so I finally made these 95% healthy mini muffins for her! (And maybe Andy and I ate some also.)

February 10
The latest great thing Leena has started doing: washing her hair, with everything.

February 11
I fold laundry and Leena asks to put on all the socks. The only reason we stopped is because I couldn't fit anymore over the six pair she is already wearing.

February 12
Bad photo; delicious family dinner. Bruschetta, smoked salmon, spaghetti squash, gouda mac and cheese, lemony asparagus, and creme brûlée for dessert.

February 13
Shrader Lanes
Sister has a bowling ball in her shirt. JK. We shared frames, like were on a team, and let it be noted that I was way better.

February 14
This poor girl was sick for all of Grandpa Bud's visit and even though she looked like a marshmallow face, she stayed in good spirits.

February 15
Clearing up those sinuses with a steamy hot shower.

February 16
So happy little Bea is feeling better and the weather is nice enough for us to get some fresh air.

February 17
I keep sneaking to the couch or spare bed in the middle of the night because this guy is the loudest snorer in at least all of Lakeside. Here we are going to bed hopeful. It didn't work at all.


February 18
ARC Park
More fresh air to do us some good! And Leena only creeped on a couple kids, so that's nice.

February 19
Cooking with beets.

February 20
ARC Park

February 21
Buttermilk Bakeshop
Leena thinks she is enjoying donuts like the rest of us, but really she is eating one of those 95% healthy muffins. Ha.

February 22
Schemmel House
Matching shirts, matching bellies, and matching that photo Mom and Aunt Marie took when they were pregnant together.

February 23
At-home date night! Pizza (in bed) and a movie!

February 24
Baby prep freezer baking x2! Sister and I are tag-teaming the stockpile and naturally I took care of all the cookies and baked goods (pumpkin lactation bars shown here) first.

February 25
Living Room
Afternoon milk with my sweet girl.

February 26
At least she got the spoon in her mouth first.

February 27
Daddy/daughter selfie attempt.

February 28
Living Room
She asked to put that skirt on. I love her little body.

February 29
Porter Reed Schemmel arrived early (yesterday)! Good thing we took that matchy photo last week.

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