Monday, February 8

who looked more pregnant

We'll kick off the first blog of the New Year with a link to my 2015 video. I might be a little overboard with these one-a-day documentations, but I think in the end, I'll be very pleased that I stuck it out. So...

January 1
Oma's House
Kilmarnock, VA
A Christmas/New Year's Day visit with Leena's great Oma. (Oma is the only one who actually looks excited about this, but I swear at least Leena enjoyed it too.)

January 2
Otter Cove
Taking a walk down to the dock with my new walker! Excited for this skill, especially, because my big belly is not making it any easier to carry her around.

January 3
Pinky and Gramps
Onancock, VA
Making the rounds this five day. And eating some raw potatoes while we're at it. Just one bite from each though. We have a figure to watch.

January 4
Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Journey back home. I love driving (or being a passenger) over the ocean.

January 5
Someone is jealous of my pregnancy pillow.

January 6
Leena's Room
Reading in knee socks.

January 7
Gap-toothed beet face. That smile is a good reason to wake up in the morning.

January 8
Libbie Mill
We go to the library for the giant soft benches, not the books.

January 9
Laundry Room
The newly hung drying rack holds all 21 diapers perfectly. It's the small things.

January 10
ARC Park
Swinging with Miss Mabel in the 65 degree January weather.

January 11
Not willing to be stuck in doors when it does get colder. Leena likes the goats, just like her old lady. (That's me, her old lady.)

January 12
Cyborg Room
Trying to show off our guts in our grey shirts. Leena's didn't stick out as much as I hoped. (Tuco has been growing for 29 weeks, fyi.)

January 13
1811 Driveway
How we get more firewood these days. With our helper.

January 14
Hanging the supports for the vanity. It's a 3.5 person job.

January 15
Leena's Room
I've been seeing the proud parent photos on Facebook lately, and this is one for me. Leena is signing "book," which she really just learned two days ago. It's the cutest the way she hunches her shoulders and brings her hands up almost under her chin.

January 16
Woodbridge, VA
We didn't really think through the timing of this second child in terms of equipment. Ie, two babies at once essentially. So here we are getting a second crib. 

January 17
Bird's eye view of an uneventful moment. Better than an eventful one, when we are talking about bath time.

January 18
Living Room
This is what happens when the baby goes to sleep. Get out your paint brush and stain! It's going to be a wild night. (From inhaling the fumes, of course.)

January 19
Leena loves the new shower as much as we do. She just climbs in and hangs out. Frequently.

January 20
Finishing touches in the toilet corner. Cabinet painted and hung. Artwork (painted and) hung. You can't really tell, but it's a man spearing a whale while riding on his back. I picked it out and Andy's dad gave it to him as a birthday gift.

January 21
Whitten's House
Goochland, VA
Spent the day with our friends eating, talking shop, and knitting by the fire.

January 22
Cyborg Room
I wanted a photo because we were opposite green and red for our snow clothes. But I think now I wanted a photo to show who looked more pregnant.

January 23
Golf Course
Our neighbors shared their snow tube with us. Leena wasn't exactly giggling (the wind was brutal and it was freezing), but she wasn't complaining either. That's a success in my book.

January 24
Front Yard
Finally a snow day where the snow isn't falling and the sun is shining. Leena looks like the boss of all the snow.

January 25
Front Yard
Checking out the neighbor's big rig that got stuck inches from the other neighbor's car.

January 26
Excited for what I see here: tiny curls!

January 27
Mom's night out. Prenatal yoga and a stop at Dairy Queen. Treat yo' self

January 28
Diaper sale. We felt like crazies, but the March babies butts will be contained!

January 29
Leena's Room
When it's been quiet for too long. Seriously, kid.

January 30
Strapped in for the evening meal.

January 31
Wikler House
Washington D.C.
First time these Rollie Pollies are meeting and we throw them in the bath together. I say it every time and I mean it every time, visiting an old friend is the best medicine for, well, everything.

And for kicks, videos from previous years:

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