Thursday, May 16

Hauling stuff and hauling ourselves

April 11
I took this for my mom because one year for Christmas we gave her a yellow garden cart and she was so excited that she got in it and grinned like a kid. I understand her enthusiasm for the cart a little better now that I own one.

April 12
Getting ready for community cleanup day. I hauled all those leaves from the back of Coco's house to the front using the infamous cart.

April 13
Larkum House
The benefit of having potluck at a house that is walking distance to a Cookout. You want a milkshake for dessert, we'll go get milkshakes for dessert.

April 14
Schemmel House
Aunt Jo and Uncle Frank stay for a night on their trip north to meet great niece Adah.

April 15
Andy's movie-watching face. No telling what movie he makes this face for but it is either really intense or really thought-provoking. Or maybe he just makes that face a lot...

April 16
Front porch
Celebrating fresh mangoes and beautiful flowers. That Vitamix sure knows how to smooth some fruit.

April 17
One of the piles of wood to be split and stacked. We certainly have our chores cut out for us.

April 18
The year of the inchworm. I don't mind these guys, especially when they are scrunching along and making funny arches with their bodies, but man, do they seem out of control!

April 19
Yeah, yeah, I know the azaleas are pretty. But they really are just so bright and lovely. A very welcoming site when you are walking up to the house.

April 20
Bryan Park
I used the panorama feature on my phone. (Don't know why I haven't done this sooner.) This is the section of the park called the Azalea Garden.

April 21
Father and son replacing the wheels on the tractor/mower.

April 22
Doing some demo in the mudroom/future laundry room. Got to knock those walls down to build them back up again.

April 23
Bott House
Watching this little guy for the evening. Just the cutest thing ever when he runs to the window to wave and say bye to his mom and sisters as they get in the car.

April 24
The wood never ends. Moving pile A to pile B.

April 25
The future garden. It's tilled, Steve (the neighbor) has planted a few things already, and we have amended our soil. More planting to come soon!

April 26
More demo. This time Andy kicks down the ceiling and I just stand there and watch. Much faster than the wall ripping down.

April 27
Flower Bed
It's better to take a close up so you don't see all the weeds that are out of control. Some of them are so big I'm not sure if they are supposed to be there or not. Mom to the rescue soon.

April 28
Dave and Buster's
Rockville, MD
Why didn't we think of this the first time? I would much rather play skee ball and that game where you put the coins in and hope they push more coins off the ledge than sit in stop-and-go, make-me-want-to-yak traffic.

April 29
First fresh rhubarb of the season! Oh, it's so pretty!

April 30
Zac came over to help split wood and help eat pie. Here he is dining with Z's tiny cat head.

May 1
Don't be mad at me for this. We have an out-of-control rabbit population in our neighborhood and Andy is concerned for the garden. I'm not saying I condone his behavior by documenting it. But that's a big rabbit!

May 2
Cyborg Room
Z is skeptical of anything that is not dry cat food. She eventually started licking it.

May 3
Lame day. I did want to let you know that taking a photo is just one of three daily documentations I make. Elisabeth gave this to us as a wedding gift and I think it will be quite fun to look at once we get two or three years under our belt.

May 4
Getting closer to Little Rock. I never get tired of seeing farmland from above. More eye shadow compacts than anyone would ever need!

May 5
An Enchanted Evening
Roland, AR
The Frost crew at Lucy-baducy's wedding! I love seeing my family.

May 6
Dickson, TN
Explanation: Driving back to Richmond with Mom. We took our lunch break on Main Street. Problem is, most things are closed on a Monday in small-town, TN. But isn't this charming? And totally worth going beyond the blue-sign recommendations.

May 7
Johnson City, TN
Spent the night here so we could hang with a dear friend. Spent the morning walking around downtown before we finished the drive.

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