Tuesday, April 16

a lot of times it's nbd

March 21
If only all houses had a separate living room for bike storage...

March 22
Firefighters want pie, I guess I make it for them.  I'll pat myself on the back for being a good wife.

March 23
Nothing is ever the same as in real life, but the green lights were as far as I could see. Little alien eyes popping out of the night sky.

March 24
Front yard
Many things happened this day. We were cleaning 1811 for our tenant's arrival the next day when it started snowing. As I pulled out the vacuum to get the last floor of the last room, the power went out. We cooked hotdogs on the wood stove for dinner.

March 25
Baklava, first attempt. Dish lish.

March 26
Finding murals in the city you've lived in for a couple years now brings with it several revelations. 1. I might need to get out more. This has not exactly been hiding. 2. RVA can be neat. 3. I definitely need to get out more.

March 27
If you look closely, you will see a blurred leaf on our peace lily. That's because we have air blowing through our vents! Welcome modern luxuries!

March 28
U of R
Dinner! And that is kind of a lie because I think I had that one plus six more. 

March 29
Not much going on in there. That is what we've looked like more often than not lately. 

March 30
Visiting the garden on a beautiful spring day! Colorful orchids and a cute baby. Woohoo!

March 31
Roll away the stone, boys! Celebrating Easter with the family so much that we put Bob to sleep.

April 1
Living Room
The after Easter dinner lounge room has not been disassembled yet. Laziness commences for a couple days. Andy is sucked in to Game of Thrones.

April 2
Living/Lounge Room
(My brain automatically typed Living Social instead of Living Room. I'm not sure what that means...)
I might be enjoying the lounge room also. This is the current view from the couch: Kitty longing to get outside to get back in again.

April 3
I-95 South
Heading back to Richmond after a day in Rockville at the WFM Mid-Atlantic HQ. Makes me sound super important. They sell strawberry rhubarb bites at their store. Talk about self control. I had to make those last a 4.5 hour car ride in traffic just so I could give them to Andy.

April 4
Living/Lounge Room
Productivity! Very slow productivity.

April 5
Andy taste testing the salsa with his dainty spoon and dainty face. We also made Devon's secret margarita's to accompany our burrito dinner. Makes me want to go to the beach so bad.

April 6
Celebrating the birthday boy with millions of Junior dollars.

April 7
A little spring day outing. These flowers are pretty but what I really cared about were the baby goats!

April 8
Side yard
I've decided that when I have kids their toys are going to consist of tongue depressors, empty cardboard boxes, and books. 

April 9
The granola ant hill.

April 10
Dining Room
One of fifteen mangoes I cut up. The pit-gnawing is the best part!

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