Wednesday, January 2

wrapping up a pretty spectacular year

December 1
Schemmel House
Adah got a bunch of hand-me-downs so even though it was neither Halloween nor Easter, we had to put this chicken costume on her. I mean, look at those feet!

December 2
Our Christmas decorating began with the Weiner Schnitzel, as it is known in these here parts.

December 3
Peter Chang's
Natasha shows off her "pancakes."

December 4
Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department
We clearly don't have to drive two and a half hours just to get a Christmas tree. Richmond does sell them also. But it's our tradition: Pick out a tree and see old friends! 

December 5
Main Street, Purcellville
Our friend is buying an old pink Victorian-style house and pretty much starting from scratch. It might be a shame to say good-bye to some of these patterns.

December 6
Living Room
While watching PeeWee's Christmas Special and Christmas Vacation I got the tree all festive and ready for celebrating!

December 7
Living Room
Z's new sleeping spot. I think it is because there is a cat that comes to the front window in the middle of the night to torment her. She freaks out, tries to attack it through the glass, and I wake up from the raucousness.

December 8
Mine is the top; Andy's is the bottom.

December 9
Butcher Block
After hours of cookie making with Sister and Adah, the cake stand and the Hooter are full. So is the freezer!

December 10
Emergency Adah time. Sister and Steven got the bug so I intervened and hung out with the babe for a couple hours. She resembles me, yeah?

December 11
Chocolate cake mustache. Oh the fun, it can't be contained. redfcrfdc. (I just typed with soup on my finger and that is what I got when I wiped it off.)

December 12
The end certainly seems to be in sight. Now I'm just concerned about all the messing up I did in the shoulder seam area...

December 13
The bakery Secret Santa party. Somebody knows me! I also got to unwrap a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box to get to a hat.

December 14
Living Room
Andy's stocking always cracks me up. It's like Carhartt overalls. It even has utility pockets on the outside for small presents!

December 15
Otter Cove
Andy had been at the river for a couple days so I went down after work so I could spend his birthday with him. I brought Proper Pies (totally recommend!) and we went to his cousins performance of A Christmas Carol at the little theater in town.

December 16
Larkum House
I came back so I could make it to Eva's first birthday party! She wasn't super in to the chocolate cake.

December 17
Kuba Kuba
Andy's birthday dinner with Abe and his mom. The food was pretty good looking and good tasting.

December 18
Living Room
Family time commences with this lame photo. Andy's dad and I went to dinner and then watched Something's Gotta Give on Netflix. Kind of a funny movie to watch with your father-in-law.

December 19
We went to see The Hobbit in 3D with Abe and Tim (Andy's dad). The glasses fit pretty well over real glasses so that was nice.

December 20
Schemmel House
My folks arrive! My mom tried to force us to eat these cupcakes she brought all the way from Little Rock after we had just finished Chipotle for dinner. 

December 21
Schemmel House
Dinner Number Two. We ordered pizza.

December 22
Dinner Number Three. Abe, my parents, his parents. 

December 23
Krispy Kreme
Andy, Mom, and I did some shopping and then went to Regency for the annual Smith/Peterson Santa visit. Afterward, we had to go to this place to buy a gift certificate for someone, but they were out. So we had to buy a fresh donut and eat it instead.

December 24
Brother Schemmel House
Christmas Eve church and dinner with Anna's in-laws. This is when the kids were about to go to bed but they had to sing and dance along to the Santa song first. They were so excited it was so dang cute. Mrs. Claus even called them on the phone.

December 25
Schemmel House
Uncle Andy playing with Adah on her first Christmas morning. 

Peterson House
Elisabeth put these popper/shooter things in our stockings. We had a popper battle for easily an hour.

I made it! I literally finished the last stitch ten minutes before Christmas dinner. Andy shows off how well it fits and how weird it doesn't look! I think I'm a little bit proud of it.

December 26
The day-after-Christmas lounge. It was a cold, rainy day so after my parents left, this is what became of us: a pile of blankets and movie watching fools in bed.

December 27
I woke up with the bug. And I slept with wet hair. This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt though. 

December 28
Day two of the bug was much better than day one. I even tried to go to work, but quickly realized that was a mistake. I finally felt up to getting out of bed so I watched Parenthood and started work on our thank you cards. 

December 29
COTU (or Code Two, according to me)
Day three of the bug was like it didn't even happen at all! That's not completely true, but you get it. Our friend, Mike came through town so we showed him some breweries. Like Center of the Universe (COTU) where you can play baggo while enjoying your fresh-brewed craft beer. Then we went to Hardywood.

December 30
Relaxing after a day of work. I don't read that much anymore. The subway was really good for that and now I have a hard time working it into my routine. But I did it! Next to the fire! And under a blanket! I didn't think it could get any cozier and then my cat came and sat next to me!

December 31
Larkum House
Our crazy New Year's celebration, potluck style. Seriously great food and a seriously funny game helped us all stay awake until the ball dropped. Side note: Andy made it out from the bathroom just in time for "one." He hadn't even finished buttoning his pants.

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