Wednesday, January 23

New year, new name

January 1
Office Doorway
We started off our 2013 very productively. First, we recorded our height in the door jam that will someday be repaired. Second, we cleaned out the office and threw out tons of old and unneeded paperwork. Stuff like that feels real good.

January 2
Adah's Room
Checking in on this kid. Her latest trick: feet grabbing.

January 3
Family photo. We only have one chair in front of the computer so when we are looking at something together, I get Andy's lap. And apparently Z gets mine.

January 4
Side Patio
Splitting some kindling. He does look like he's about to go vampire hunting or animal sacrificing.

January 5
Nate's House
I borrowed this photo from Katherine. She'll probably never know it. It's a fancy celebration of Bekah's thirtieth!

January 6
Washington DC
Guest contributor, Andy, was in our nation's capital visiting friends and seeing the sights. Here are two strangers also seeing the sights.

January 7
I had a lasagna party, Andy had a venison pie party, and then we had a dinner party with Robbie, Julia, and Jasmine!

January 8
Burger Bach
This place is the talk about town, or at least the bakery at Whole Foods. Some people have been known to go three times a week for a burger with all kinds of toppings. On my first and only visit so far, I had a veggie burger (naturally) covered in all kinds of stuff including avocado and bacon (also naturally).

January 9
I got my new license in the mail. Note my new name! Also note that I had my hair back so I look like a man!

January 10
Dauphin Island (June 2011)
This is a picture of my mom and two of her sisters at our yearly family beach vacation. Kathleen on the left and Carolyn in the middle. They are both no longer with us. Kathleen passed away in October of 2011 and Carolyn passed away today. It was fast and no one was ready (if there is a such thing as being ready). It's heartbreaking for all of us they have left behind, but it must be so fun for them to be together again. There are so many things in my life that remind me of each of them and I am so lucky for that.

January 11
Elisabeth gave me an orchid to celebrate Carolyn. She also gave me M&M's and beer (to go with popcorn). A true care package.

January 12
Pony Pasture
Can you believe I had never been here before? It's, like, the most talked about Richmond destination in warm-weather times. I came on a foggy Saturday morning and had the place nearly to myself.

January 13
Celebrating Meg's birthday with the family!

January 14
A new knitting project that's not nearly as time-consuming or time-sensitive as Andy's sweater. What a relief.

January 15
Day off = delicious breakfast.

January 16
That's Andy holding me upside down by the legs trying to look strong and fierce.

January 17
Living Room
Our first snow of the year! Which happened to result in our first power outage of the year and our first domino game of the year. For my domino-playing friends Jeta and Julia, I had to buy a new set of dominoes because apparently it is possible to lose a twelve-pound box of tiles.

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